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  • Role of a Real Estate Lawyer Know Their Role When Buying or Selling a Home

    Role of a Real Estate lawyer First your lawyer will send you a letter outlining what documentation he or she may need from you. Since you will likely be paying at least $1300 plus for legal services, I think it’s important that you know what your lawyer will be doing for you! Below is some […]

  • Can You Still Teach Overseas Without a Degree?

    It seems as though I get an email asking that question in an email almost every week. The answer is a ‘qualified’ yes… for now. More and more countries are not granting work/teaching visas to anyone unless they have a degree. Some countries are more bureaucratic than others. Here is an example: In Thailand, where […]

  • Digestion and Debt Relief For Pancreatic Cancer Patients

    Since my mother passed away from Pancreatic Cancer I have dedicated a large portion of my life to writing articles that will help Pancreatic Cancer patients improve the quality of their lives. Life is precious and until some are faced with a life threatening disease such as this many don’t take the time to realize […]

  • 7 Things You Need to Know About Selecting a Retail Location

    Selecting a location for your retail store is one of the most important decisions you will make as a small business owner. Picking the right location can lead to success and profits – choosing the wrong spot for your retail operation could put you out of business. 1. Type of Business Well before hitting the […]

  • Widow’s Estate Planning Nightmare

    A man I know died leaving an elderly widow behind. The husband had paid all the bills, kept all the accounts, planned for retirement, and done everything related to the financial dealings of the couple. This couple had lived through the depression, and the husband didn’t trust banks. He had seen too many bank failures, […]

  • A Dozen Tips for Starting an Import/Export Business

    Thinking of starting an import/export business? Jennifer Henzel, a Certified Import/Export Trade Professional offers these tips for getting started: 1. Many countries have set up offices (Consulates or Embassies) in foreign countries to promote the exporting of their goods. The Consulates will supply you with industry directories and more. Embassies are located in a nation’s […]

  • Estate Planning Elder Law Guide

    Estate Planning: Planning for death to get the assets to whom you want, when you want, the way you want, with the least amount of taxes and legal fees possible. Elder Law: Planning for disability to get the persons you want to handle your affairs and to protect your assets from being depleted for long-term […]

  • How Can Inheriting "Life Changing Assets" Affect Your Heirs?

    Most people don’t consider what will happen after death. Why? Because it is scary. People don’t want to think about what will happen when they are not around and cannot influence whatever is going on in their environment. For this reason, many people do not have a will, funeral arrangements or a plan as to […]

  • How to Protect Yourself Against, and Mitigate Damages From, Identity Theft

    We’ve all heard of it. But we all think that we’re invincible to it. Identity Theft! What is it? It refers to the preparatory stage of acquiring and collecting someone else’s personal information for criminal purposes. Identity theft techniques can range from unsophisticated, such as dumpster diving and mail theft, to more elaborate schemes. If […]

  • Benefits of Leasing a Car for Business

    Leasing a car for your business is a sensible decision. If yours is a small business or a start-up, leasing a car would prove handy because of lower cost, easy availability and other benefits. This article discusses briefly the benefits of leasing a car for your business. Monthly payments In case you purchase a car […]