Putting the ‘Zoom’ in Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorbike anywhere and any time is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unlike cars, motorbikes can afford to give anyone that exhilarating feeling that goes with riding in the open air. Whether it’s simply going to work, a casual ride or even a group tour with fellow riders, weaving through the city’s busy crossroads or zipping straight through the quiet country lanes and back roads with no maps or clear destinations, each ride is a whole new exciting experience.

Both the young and old love to ride a motorbike, zooming in and out of city traffic or traversing the dirt roads of the countryside, feeling the force of the wind against your body, the tight grip on the handlebars, every single sight in open colourful view, the rush of every other moving vehicle and people all around – nothing beats riding on a motorbike whether it’s a moped, a scooter, a trike, a sports bike, a tourer, an electric motorbike, a classic, or a brand new one.

Of course, anyone riding a motorbike must have the usual protective gear like the sturdy helmet, the leather jacket, boots and the reliable pair of gloves to go with every single adventure. Whether a veteran rider or a new one out to discover the great pleasures of open air riding, protection for yourself and your motorbike should never be taken for granted. Taking an insurance should never take a back-seat, so to speak.

There are a great number of insurance companies offering competitive policy costs, good no-claims discounts, accident recovery even outside the United Kingdom, cover for helmet and leathers for every type of motorbike and motorbike owners. Many also give attractive introductory or discount rates for new riders, unfortunately, only a few extend their reduced cover to classics or old motorbikes as well as for convicted riders.

Others will give cheaper multiple motorbike cover for a single owner, with three or more different motorbikes under one premium. This type of motorbike insurance is normally tailor-fit to the owner and considered a special cover because of the whole possibility of having different brands of motorbikes of varying age and style.

Some companies would also want to make sure that motorbikes with modifications or are imported should be recorded before any insurance cover is made. Two examples of these motorbikes are the moped and the trike. For some companies, classic motorbikes may include those over ten years old, vintages or those manufactured in the early 20th century.

Finding a good company who can give the best motorcycle insurance deal should not be difficult. There are a number of good companies with a panel of people who can give the best policy quotes based on competitive costs for every type of motorbike. Their expertise at this level should not be questionable as every motorbike rider has so much at stake when it comes to their investment.

Having a motorbike means a lot of freedom for going around or even outside of the country and at any time of the day or night, so it is best recommended to get a motorcycle insurance policy that has a 24/7 claims line for clear assurance in protection. Owning and riding a motorbike will mean opportunities for great road adventures, being completely protected while at it should be a no-brainer.

Source by Charlotte J Wilson

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