Ski Insurance – Luxury Or Necessity?

Winter sports insurance for a skiing holiday is a necessity and not a luxury.

Despite the number of accidents on the slopes annually being low, as a sport, like any other sport, skiing is inherently risky. You don’t have to be an extreme skier to have an accident. It is simple common sense, therefore, to make sure that you are protected against every eventuality before you set foot on a mountain.

Even if you are skiing in Europe and have your European Health Insurance card, privately insuring yourself is essential. While you may be able to receive treatment for free or at a discounted price under the European scheme, you will not be covered for mountain rescue or the cost of sending you home in case of an accident.

In any case, it is not just you, personally, which you should be cautious about on your trip. If you are a keen skier and own all of your own equipment, you will be aware of the fact that skiing as a hobby is certainly not cheap. If you are hiring your skis, poles and boots then it might be that you only discover just how expensive skiing can be if you have an accident and break or lose them.

Standard policies are unlikely cover personal possessions of the value of ski equipment. What’s more, they may become invalid entirely by your participation in potentially dangerous activities, such as skiing.

Winter sports insurance will not only cover you for your activities related to skiing. Away from the pistes, should you have your belongings stolen, or you miss the plane for some reason out of your control, winter sports insurance will cover you as if you were insured as standard.

All in all, taking out a tailored winter sports insurance policy when you go skiing, although it might add a few pounds to your up-front holiday costs could save you a great deal in the long run.

Check out the websites of the AA, Go Travel Insurance and 1stop Travel Insurance for comprehensive cover.

Source by Mathew Sabri

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