Flood Insurance Providers in the UK

There are many flood insurance providers all over the United Kingdom, and all a client will do is to look for a particular provider which will suit his or her needs. Look and compare the features of all the flood insurance providers to see which fits you best. Below are some of the insurance providers in the UK.

Endsleigh Home Insurance

Endsleigh offer very competitive home insurance from which you can choose between buildings policy only, contents policy only or buildings and contents. Endsleigh also offers a policy for students on campus and a tenant’s policy for possessions insurance in shared accommodation. You can even insure items that are far from your home. Endsleigh Home Insurance offers a 24 free emergency help line and free legal expenses of UKP25,000. Endsleigh Home Insurance can be contacted at telephone number 0800 028 3571.

Norwich Union Home Insurance

Norwich Union is a big insurer who offers optional categories. Clients can choose to get insurance policy which covers buildings only, contents only or buildings and contents. These include standard accidental damage, personal belongings, extra accidental damage and legal expenses. For details or quotes please, you may contact Norwich Union Home Insurance at telephone number 0800 092 9561.

Direct Line Home Insurance

Direct Line Home Insurance offers four options to a Direct Line policy. Clients can have any of a combination of buildings, contents, possessions and legal protection coverage. Direct Line also offers home response service for an emergency breakdown in a client’s home. For details or quotes, you can contact Direct Line Home Insurance at telephone number 0870 901 1122.

There are many flood insurance providers in the U.K. They may differ in the insurance policy they offer to their clients, but they have many similarities in their policy coverage. The basic insurance types include the contents cover on a replacement or “new for old basis” against calamities like fire, theft, storm and flood damage. This policy includes household items, computer systems, cash up to a certain amount, freezer contents, lock replacements, contents of your garden, accidental damage to all the items in your home, and others.

The Buildings Insurance cover the structure of your home and walls, gates, fences, footpaths, outbuildings like sheds or garages, permanent fixtures including kitchen units and bathroom cabinets against calamities like landslip, fire, theft, storm and flood.

Other insurance providers in the UK also cover student possessions for students living on campus or away from home. This could cover personal contents and belongings in a student’s room, Hi-Fi equipment like photographic equipment; video cameras, camcorders, DVD players, jewellery, watches and other valuables, records, computer equipment, and others.

There are hundreds of insurance providers in the market. As a client, you can ask quotes and rates from the flood insurance providers in your area. They offer different features and special discounts. It is up to you to look for the insurance providers that best answer your insurance needs and who can give you the best deals.

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