Replace new tab with GTA 5 Franklin Clinton custom page, featuring sticky notes, to-do list, & Grand Theft Auto V Franklin wallpapers.

GTA Online Wallpapers Grand Theft Auto NewTab

 Install GTA 5 Franklin Clinton extension to change your new-tab page to FreeAddon customized new-tab page and enjoy many Grand Theft Auto V Franklin wallpapers, along with various quality-of-life features like To-Do List, Sticky Notes, and more…

GTA Online Wallpapers Grand Theft Auto NewTab

★ Features of GTA 5 Franklin Clinton Custom New Tab extension:

✔ Enjoy GTA 5 Franklin Clinton wallpapers in HD quality on customized new tab page. Also randomly show all Grand Theft Auto V Franklin wallpapers with ‘Shuffle All Images’ option, or show your favorite GTA 5 Franklin Clinton pics only with ‘Shuffle Favorite Images’ option.
✔ Randomly show wallpapers from all of your installed FreeAddon extensions, not just GTA 5 Franklin Clinton with ‘Random All NewTabs’ option.
✔ Show animation when changing between wallpapers with Background Animation setting. Or display animation of snowfall, leaf fall, etc… on Grand Theft Auto V Franklin new tab with ‘Snow / Animations’ setting.
✔ Quick access to most visited sites and Google Apps like Gmail or YouTube.
✔ Enable ‘Set Time Automatically’ to show the current date & time on Grand Theft Auto V Franklin new tab, or disable it to set date & time manually.
✔ Show Sticky Notes, To-Do Tasks list, & Countdown Clock which counts down to your specified date
✔ Automatically hides all elements on the newtab with ‘Auto Hide’ setting, showing only Grand Theft Auto V Franklin wallpapers.

★ FreeAddon’s GTA 5 Franklin Clinton Custom New Tab extension is completely free to use. Our extension DOES NOT have ads or virus.

★ For problem troubleshoot & feedback, please visit

GTA Online Wallpapers Grand Theft Auto NewTab


– Franklin is the baby of the group. While Michael and Trevor are older, seasoned criminals, Franklin is an up-and-comer who just wants to make a few extra bucks. Michael proceeds to take him under his wing and serves as a father figure throughout much of the game, which is fitting, seeing as how he’s about double Franklin’s age.
– Franklin’s life was cursed from the very beginning. While we don’t know the identity of Franklin’s father, we do know that he was horribly abusive (both physically and mentally) towards Franklin’s mother. This resulted in his mother developing a cocaine addiction, as she turned to the drug to escape her problems with her partner.
– As a child, Franklin met Tonya Wiggins and JB Bradshaw. The pain over his tragic past, and the influence of both Wiggins and Bradshaw, soon led Franklin down a path of crime. He began illegally selling cigarettes on the street with Bradshaw, an act that resulted in his grandfather chasing him around the entire city.

GTA Online Wallpapers Grand Theft Auto NewTab

– Unfortunately, Franklin continued this life of rebellion throughout high school. As a teenager, Franklin attended Davis High School in… uh, Davis, an area in southern Los Santos. And while he seems like an intelligent man, Franklin did not do well in school. In the mission Pulling Another Favor, Tonya recalls their time in high school and remembers that Franklin did not pay attention in class and never applied himself in any considerable way. He also assaulted a teacher for an unspecified reason, resulting in his expulsion from the school. It is unknown WHEN this occurred, so we can’t say just how much education Franklin had received at the time of expulsion.
– Fresh out of high school, Franklin turned to a life of crime with his friend Lamar in order to make money. The two primarily dealt drugs, although they also stole cars and robbed small banks. During one of these robberies, Franklin and Lamar walked away with $2,000 in cash, but a dye pack exploded all over the money, making the entire ordeal utterly worthless.


GTA Online Wallpapers Grand Theft Auto NewTab

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