Replace new tab with Anime Food custom page, featuring sticky notes, to-do list, & Anime Food wallpapers.

My Hero Academia Momo Wallpaper HD MHA Creati New Tab

Install Anime Food extension to change your new-tab page to FreeAddon customized new-tab page and enjoy many Anime Food wallpapers, along with various quality-of-life features like To-Do List, Sticky Notes, and more…

My Hero Academia Momo Wallpaper HD MHA Creati New Tab

★ Features of Anime Food Custom New Tab extension:

✔ Enjoy Anime Food wallpapers in HD quality on customized new tab page. Also randomly show all Anime Food wallpapers with ‘Shuffle All Images’ option, or show your favorite Anime Food pics only with ‘Shuffle Favorite Images’ option.

✔ Randomly show wallpapers from all of your installed FreeAddon extensions, not just Anime Food with ‘Random All NewTabs’ option.

✔ Show animation when changing between wallpapers with Background Animation setting. Or display animation of snowfall, leaf fall, etc… on Anime Food new tab with ‘Snow / Animations’ setting.

✔ Quick access to most visited sites and Google Apps like Gmail or YouTube.

✔ Enable ‘Set Time Automatically’ to show the current date & time on Anime Food new tab, or disable it to set date & time manually.

✔ Show Sticky Notes, To-Do Tasks list, & Countdown Clock which counts down to your specified date

✔ Automatically hides all elements on the newtab with ‘Auto Hide’ setting, showing only Anime Food wallpapers.

★ FreeAddon’s Anime Food Custom New Tab extension is completely free to use. Our extension DOES NOT have ads or virus.

★ For problem troubleshoot & feedback, please visit

My Hero Academia Momo Wallpaper HD MHA Creati New Tab


– If you’re a lifelong anime fan, chances are you know all about onigiri. You may have even eaten some, too! Onigiri are firmly pressed rice balls (often triangular) that are traditionally filled with Japanese staples such as pickled plums or salted salmon. Onigiri are wrapped with nori (roasted seaweed) sheets to help hold the sticky rice ball and keep your fingers clean. A hilarious example of practicing the art of making Onigiri can be seen on episode three of S·A: Special A as Hikari Hanazono tries diligently to master the technique of making the perfect onigiri.

– Yaki dango is a grilled Japanese food that’s usually sold at Japanese street cafes, outdoor vendors, and during festivals. Skewered for easier eating, these tiny mochi (Japanese rice cake) dumplings come in various flavors, though they usually always have a signature chewy texture and sweet taste.The mochi balls themselves are not particularly sweet. Rather, the toppings used to coat the balls is sweetened with a flavorful sauce. The sauces can range from brown sugar syrup, to sweetened soy sauce, and even red bean paste. On the first episode of The Rolling Girls, Nozomi Moritomo and her mother Hinayo (who runs a small family restaurant) are seen selling various dishes, including some tasty-looking grilled and skewered dango.

– If you’re an avid anime fan, you’re most likely familiar with ramen noodles. Ramen is an extremely popular noodle dish in Japan (and in anime). There are even specialty shops that serve multiple versions of ramen noodle soups. Originally, Chinese noodles were used to make the dish, but years later Japanese chefs developed and perfected their own type of noodle. Although using freshly made noodles is best, ramen conveniently comes in an instant form familiar to most college students. In Ponyo On the Cliff by The Sea, we get a good glimpse of how to prepare Japanese-style ramen using instant noodles. The dish commonly includes sliced pork, various vegetables, an egg, nori, and Naruto (a cured fish product).

My Hero Academia Momo Wallpaper HD MHA Creati New Tab

– Believed to have originated from the Meiji period of feudal Japan, taiyaki is (adorable) fish-shaped bread. The batter is usually a pancake-like concoction poured into a fish-shaped mold and baked until golden brown. These tasty cakes are generally filled with sweetened adzuki bean paste.However, since taiyaki continues to grow in popularity, there are numerous other fillings that are used in today’s Japanese fish bread. Although taiyaki has been seen in numerous anime during street festivals, Ayu Tsukimiya from Kanon loves taiyaki so much that it’s mentioned constantly throughout the series.

– In most parts of Japan, takoyaki is considered a casual fast food snack. Typically, it’s sold by street vendors during festivals. However, in western Japan takoyaki is considered a meal unto itself. Takoyaki is prepared as a pancake-like batter that is molded into round balls using a pan specifically made for that purpose. The batter usually consists of seafood and vegetable bits, and the end result is drizzled with a thick savory sauce. Yum! A scene from episode eight of Wolf Girl and Black Prince shows a cute moment between the two main characters when Erika feeds the reluctant Kyouya a delicious bite of Takoyaki.


My Hero Academia Momo Wallpaper HD MHA Creati New Tab

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