Just recently on the Thursday night last week, Elon Musk introduced the brand new all electric semi-truck which already made a huge impression for Tesla fans. Now some of us may not be interested in trucks. But, this is Elon Musk we are talking about, and he always brings new surprises. So for those who missed that Thursday night event, allow us to introduce the latest addition to Tesla family: Tesla Roadster 2020!

Table of Content:
1. Tesla Semi Truck Event Round-Up
2. Tesla Roadster 2020 Premier
When will it come out?

Before we go further to the Tesla Roaster, let’s round up what happened in the recently Tesla Semi Truck Event for those who interested to know. As you can guess from the event’s name, the show is “supposed” to focus on the latest Tesla All-Electric Semi Truck which is already impressive by itself.

Tesla All-Electric Semi Truck

If we will need to use one word to describe this new All-Electric Semi Truck, it would be “futuristic”. Let’s take a look at it: the entire truck possesses an elegant and “future-ish” appearance, it’s feels like a spaceship design especially when you are on the driver seat. Such a modern truck will surely attract tons of journalists and luckily, Elon pulled not one, but two models for them to try out and discover.


tesla roadster 2

Tesla Semi Truck in action! (Source: Internet)

The truck is essentially a heavy competitor to Freightliner and International diesel-powered trucks. Therefore, it has various differences compared to the traditional diesel-powered models like smoothed-off sides (to cover the electric parts) or the forward-mounted driver seat. Overall, these changes give make the Tesla truck has center gravity lower than other diesel trucks. Although driving the truck may not feel like driving a sports car, yet it will give more stability when driving in high speed.


tesla roadster 3

This is not a truck, this is a spaceship! (Source: Internet)

In terms of interior, sitting inside Tesla All-Electric Semi Truck feels like sitting inside a spaceship’s cockpit. Unlike our traditional 2-front seats interior, the Tesla Semi Truck provides a centered driving seat along with a passenger seat situated behind the driver seat on the right side. This does feel weird at first but it surely feels good when we get a hang of it. The cockpit provides 2 screen tablets on the both sides which act as mirrors and the control panels.


tesla roadster 4

The All-Electric Semi Truck at Tesla Semi Truck event (Source: Internet)

Based on the early report, Tesla All-Electric Truck is estimated to have a range of 200–300 miles. Yet, in the event, Elon claimed that this truck has 400 miles of range and only requires 30 minutes to recharge. Another unique trait of this truck is that it provides self-driving mode. Considering there are many, many of truck accidents in US happened due to the drivers’ fatigue, this self-driving feature can provide a big help for drivers in the long run.

This new electric truck definitely sounds cool and all; however, the surprise didn’t stop there. The true star of the so-called “Tesla Semi Truck Event” is actually the Tesla Roaster. And of course, this also our main star today!

Currently the top speedsters in the sports cars – supercars world are Bugatti Chiron with the top speed of 261 mph and Koenigsegg Agera RS with 277.9-mph of top speed. But as we know, such amazing records don’t usually hold out for long as many competitors are also trying to break those records. This time, it seems the premiered Tesla Roadster 2020 will be the next record breaker with the insane 1.9 seconds from 0-60 mph! So what’s this new “level of insanity”?


tesla roadster 5

0-60 mph for 1.9 seconds! An insane record! (Source: Internet)

In order to get from 0 to 60 mph lower than 2.5 seconds, it requires extremely high effort. Even the current top beast like Bugatti Chiron requires 2.3 seconds, or 2.8 seconds within 0 – 62 mph for Koenigsegg Agera RS. Such feats are already incredible by themselves, but then, Elon Musk totally broke people’s wildest imagination with Tesla Roadster 2020. This electric beast is said to be able to finish 0 – 60 mph within 1.9 seconds, which is absolutely insane! Sounds impossible? It could be. But according to Venkat Viswanathan, an engineering professor of Carnegie Mellon University, this feat is possible.

This Roadster can also boost from 0 to 100 mph within 4.2 seconds and finish the quarter mile within 8.9 seconds. In terms of top speed, there is no official number announced yet but as Elon shared, it would surpass 250 mph. Can it surpass Koenigsegg Agera RS’s 277.9-mph top speed? We still don’t know yet. But since there are 3 more years before the official release of this new Tesla Roadster, we can safely say that possibility is extremely high.

To give us more surprise, Elon added that the new Roadster equipped with 200kWh battery pack which can cover a range of 620 miles before recharging. And as he stated, we can drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back and forth without recharging.

For an overall spec, check out here’s the current given statistics:

tesla roadster 1

Tesla Roadster Specs (Source: Internet)


tesla roadster 8

Such exotic, much wow! (Source: Internet)

As a sports car, Tesla Roadster possesses a striking appearance which includes various inspirations from other famous competitors. It has an exterior of Acura NSX exterior, headlights of Bugatti Chiron, roof similar to Targa’s, and a rear like an Aston Martin DB10. And by saying “various inspirations”, Tesla Roadster’s exterior is not a messy smash-up of different parts. It is definitely good-looking and elegant at that.


tesla roadster 7

A glimpse of Tesla Roadster 2020 Interior

The interior of Tesla Roadster reminds us of McLaren P1’s, but with many differences. The cockpit front seat design looks much simpler and more futuristic, especially with the drive-wheel and the center control panel. We would like not to talk much about the interior since it is subjected to change. Still, we believe the final result will be extremely satisfying.

To see the Tesla Roadster’s interior design and its performance, check out this test drive video by David Ricci:


When will it come out?

Currently, Tesla Roadster production won’t start until 2020 so unfortunately we have to wait 3 years for its official release. At the moment, you can reserve a Roadster for $50,000. And if you are interested in the Founders Series, there are 1,000 models waiting to be owned. The Founders model will have higher performance with a price of $250,000 for now.

In addition to the “insanity” we have already known from the event, Elon added on his Twitter on the last Sunday that Tesla Roadster will have “special upgrade package” which allows it to “fly short hops.” The detail is unknown, yet, this is definitely a fun thing to wait and see for ourselves.

And that’s it folk! What do you think about the new Tesla Roadster, or the Tesla All-Electric Semi Truck? Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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