In the previous “episode”, we have taken a brief look at our lovely members of BTS Bangtan Boys. In Billboard Music Awards 2017, BTS Bangtan Boys achieved the Top Social Artists award, which can pretty much tell us about how hardworking and talented they are. And of course, as “social artists”, they have pretty big influence to their fans both in entertainment and life. Their songs mostly cover various problems in life, which greatly inspired their fans and even themselves. Such an interesting notion makes us wondering: Who are these talented idols? What are their personalities? Since we have briefly answered the first question, it’s time to get into our second topic! So with no further ado, let’s find out about BTS personality!

Table of Content:
1. Rap Monster
2. Jin
3. Suga
4. Jimin
5. V
6. J-Hope
7. Jungkook

To make things easier, let’s try to classify the BTS members based on 2 categories: introvert and extrovert. Of course, there are much more things to say about a person’s characteristic, and we will try to give more details for each member.

*Note: The info shown below is mostly subjective analysis, combined with other fans’ opinions. Therefore, we would like to give credit to people who gave their opinions about their favorite idols.

bts personality 1

RapMon (Source: Internet)

Let’s start off with our BTS leader – Kim Namjoon, or mostly known as Rap Monster. As you may guess from his nickname, he is incredibly skillful in rapping, making him also the lead rapper of the team.  Besides his nickname Rap Monster (or RapMon for short), he also has a funny nickname called “God of Destruction” since he tended to “unintentionally” break things around him.

But that said; what about our respected leader’s personality? Though he may not look like much at first, we have to agree that Rap Monster has introvert-kind of personality. When on screen, we often see him having fun with fans and other members. Initially this “misleads” us that Namjoon is an extrovert. But the more we know him, it’s seems that is not the entire case.

Intelligent and Deep Thinking

First off, while Namjoon does have fun with his fans and BTS comrades, people also often spot him staying alone and thinking and observing things. In addition, his hobbies are reading books, listening to music, watching films, and including observation. These kinds of hobbies are highly related to introvert-type of personality, more specifically: deep thinking, emotional, analytical, and perfection. If you closely follow him, you will see that he is incredibly intelligent (his IQ is 148 afterall). But he doesn’t boost himself for that reason. On the contrary, he is humble-type of person with many mature thoughts and ideas which lots of people of his age never bother. These ideas often reflect from his songs, for example the BTS – Intro: O!RUL8,2?:

Nothing lasts forever,

You only live once

So live your life, not any other’s lives

Take chances and never regret, never

Never be late to do what you wanna do right now

Because, at one point of someday, everything you did

Would be exactly what you will be, right?

– Rap Monster, BTS –

This deep thinking nature also seems to originate from his childhood. Just recently, fans are sharing each other within the ARMY about Namjoon’s heart surgery when he was 15. That said, this is fans’ deduction only and so far, there is no confirmation from RapMon himself. You can check out the details here and ARMY Amino page.

Hardworking and Perfection

All of us agree that RapMon is a talented rapper, but that doesn’t mean we can forget his hard-working effort. His skill is not something take-for-granted, it requires hard-work and Namjoon is definitely not fooling around in this matter. He is extremely dedicated to his work, to a point of struggling for perfectionism. Combining with his sensitivity, observation, and analytical characteristic, no doubt he is suitable for the role of leader.

bts personality 2

Jin (Source: Internet)

As the “Car Door Guy”, the “Third One from The Left” and the “Worldwide Handsome”, the eldest BTSJin (or Kim Seokjin) surely lives up to his nickname for his striking appearance. Yet in terms of personality, it is hard to say whether Jin is introvert or not since he shares the characteristics of both extrovert and introvert.

“Mom of BTS”

The first thing comes into our mind when we talk about Jin is his caring trait, in his own way. The most notable prove is that he is often in charge of cooking for his entire team (He is absolutely good at cooking and he even creates his own series called Eat Jin!). This partly explains why he has this nickname “Mom of BTS” in the first place. He can also handle both spectrums of BTS well: the introvert-type like Suga, Rap Monster, Jimin, and Jungkook (possibly?) and the extrovert-type like V, J-Hope. In our opinion, this gives us quite an impression of hyung who takes care and accepts all sides of his maknae.

Eldest… or Youngest?

In real ages, Jin is the eldest of the team, but he also seems to be childish at certain times. He likes Super Mario stuffs (though we don’t agree with this as being “childish”, it’s just he has “gamer” trait in him). Jin also has a nickname of “King of Dad Jokes” as he always likes to pull out many funny moments (and he is really good at that). On the other hand, he seems to be in charge of discipline within the team. But many other people think Suga is actually the discipliner here. Still, we think that Jin has higher influence in this matter since he is the eldest of all. Nonetheless, eldest or not, Jin is surely a sweet and innocent guy we all love.


Frankly speaking, Jin is not really talented in both dancing and singing. Initially, people agreed that Jin is the “weakest” among the seven (Jin probably agreed with this too), but that didn’t stop him from trying. If you look on the Internet, you may see that some people consider him to be easily distracted and quick-to-give-up. But personally we don’t see that’s the case. This belief about Jin might be correct during the early days of BTS, but in the recent days, Jin has surely got better with his singing (as we can see from his solo “Awake” or the recent “Spring Day”) and his dancing. And let’s be real, if he didn’t have any potential, he wouldn’t the 4th member of BTS Bangtan Boys in the first place.

bts personality 3

Suga (Source: Internet)

First off, Suga is absolutely an introvert-type. To some extent, Suga shares several similarities with Rap Monster, but he still has his own unique traits, especially his “sleeping habit”.

Sensitive and Deep Thinking

As an introvert and sensitive person, Suga doesn’t really feel comfortable with hanging out with many people. By saying this, it doesn’t mean he hates joining with many people, nor he is arrogant. It’s just that Suga tends to have hard time expressing his emotion to the public. Still, we can see his personality strongly resonates throughout his performance and singing. On the inside, Suga seems to have soft side, yet he always tries to impose that “strong appearance”. This may partly a result from his hard life (for example in the song “Agust D”) and he constantly struggles both in entertainment industry and personal life.

While being alone, he tends to sleep a lot (yet he is extremely active when practicing and performing) or think. Like RapMon, he thinks a lot about his life and he also has many deep thoughts. He surely has a mature vibe and he strongly expresses many problems in his life.

Ambitious and Dedicated

Despite being “sleepy head”, Suga is 100% serious when it comes to performing. He is extremely ambitious and he always brings out his best in becoming perfect. In addition, he will only do and care about what he wants to do or feels important to him. He will ignore anything which doesn’t concern him. This actually goes along well with his ambitious characteristic since by ignoring unnecessary things; he can focus more on his career and how to express himself on stage.

bts personality 4

Jimin (Source: Internet)

Next in “introvert line” of the team we have the adorable Park Jimin. While being a hot and sexy boy, he actually has significant traits within him despite being playful and cheerful on the outside.

Sensitive and Caring

Though Jimin looks like a cheerful and playful guy, he actually has great deals of introvert within him, especially his caring personality and his tendency to hide his emotion. While Jin is caring in his own “hyung” way, Jimin is gentle and always concern about each member’s integrity. This sweet characteristic allows Jimin to take great care of other member and ensure that no one is left behind. But this sensitiveness seems to also reflect a part of his own insecurity as Jimin himself also strongly wants to be close with the team.

Yet aside from his caring side, Jimin is pretty reserved in terms of expressing his emotion. On stage, it is quite impressive to see that Jimin can express his confident side. Yet, he rarely shows his emotion, even if he does get angry. This notion makes some people to think that Jimin actually has introvert-type of personality as he tends to keep his feeling for himself. Some fans also spots that Jimin only tends to express his playful side with he is with his BTS members and ARMY.


Although it may be hard to spot on at first glance, Jimin actually has strong sense of perfection in many aspects. First, he works extremely hard in being better, not just about singing or dancing but as an artist as a whole. He often asks Namjoon for advice in both performing and being an artist as a whole, and this reflects quite well as he has become more mature since the early days of BTS.

That said; this perfectionism seems to be big trouble for Jimin, especially with his sensitive nature. As Jimin always struggle to become perfect, he has high tendency to get jealous though he doesn’t clearly show this in public. Jimin also tries to be “perfect” in terms of appearance as well, typically his infamous effort to become handsome via having diet.

Overall, Jimin is surely our adorable and sexy BTS member. But he is also sensitive about himself and he surely doesn’t want to show that in public.

bts personality 5

J-Hope (Source: Internet)

Now that he have “met” the introvert-line of BTS Bangtan Boys (except for Jin who we don’t really sure about his traits), let’s begin meeting with our energetic boys, starting with J-Hope. Staying true to his nickname, Jung Hoseok is an extremely cheerful and positive guy who “brings” hope to both fans and his own members. J-Hope clearly has a positive aura around him; even his simple smile can bring happiness to people around him.

As an extrovert, J-Hope doesn’t have hard time expressing himself. He easily shows his emotion without any problem, including his anger (but let’s not try to make him angry, shall we?). J-Hope also seems to be capable of staying positive even in hardships, and that suits him pretty well as a hope-bringer. That said; it doesn’t mean he is an ignorant though. He can be and he will be serious when he needs to, especially when performing. For this reason, some fans think that J-Hope also has problems in his life. It’s just he knows how to stay cheerful and put aside those problems and sadness. It may sound as a “bad thing” but even so, it helps him in staying true to his own path. Therefore, we agree that J-Hope may not be a right guy when having an issue. But he is definitely the one to help you forget the sadness, which is a necessary thing at certain times.

bts personality 6

V (Source: Internet)

Talking about extrovert, V surely doesn’t lose to J-Hope in terms of cheerfulness. Like J-Hope, we can see a strong extrovert aura resonating from him. To some extent, Taehyung may have the most interesting personality since he even has stronger extrovert traits than J-Hope.

Taehyung is extremely friendly and cheerful. He likes to hang out with people and we often see him spending times with his fellows and other people, rather than staying alone. At certain occasions, we feel like Taehyung can’t stay alone without people around him. Another interesting trait of V is that he always does… what he does without being afraid of what people may talk about him. He is a naïve and carefree guy who just likes to do what he wants to without any worry, which is really admiring (let’s admit it, not all of us can do like him). That said; many people also call V as “alien” since V has many “out-of-this-world” actions like talking to himself (but let’s not call him that way, shall we?). But again, it is admirable when he can freely express himself in such unique way.

In contrast to some people’s opinion, V’s carefreeness doesn’t mean he is ignorant. He is actually obedient to his hyungs and he can be influenced rather easily. In addition, V has a kind heart and he really loves children (which is not a rare scene). Overall, certain people may not like V because of his “questionable” acts. But for us, V is always a kind-hearted and innocent guy, and he totally makes a fine duo with J-Hope.

bts personality 7

Jungkook (Source: Internet)

Finally, we have the youngest member of the team: Jungkook – the Golden Maknae of BTS. Being the youngest member, Jungkook probably has changed the most throughout his time with the Bangtan Boys.

Jungkook also has rather… interesting personality. From public point of view, Jungkook looks more like introvert-type since he is pretty shy in front of people and even ARMY. He doesn’t show his own feelings and even if he does get angry, doubt that he will show that in public. Yet, he said that he is only like that in public. When he is not on screen, he actually talks a lot more and his hyungs confirmed this. From this notion, personally we also agree that Jungkook is introvert-type. But it doesn’t mean that Jungkook hates hanging around with people. On the contrary, we think Jungkook actually likes to communicate more, especially his fans. His shyness in public is probably due to his age being the youngest who often afraid of being judged by the mass (but this is just our personal speculation).

In addition to the introvert traits, Jungkook seems to prefer staying in his room or hanging out his close friends and hyungs rather than showing himself in public. He also has several introvert-type hobbies, typically drawing landscapes.

On the other hand, Jungkook has pretty high competitive spirit. He doesn’t like losing and if he does lose in something, he will try his best to perfect it. He also seems to be the most independent among BTS members since he always tries to work on himself.

And that’s it folk! What do you think about the favorite Bangtan Boys? Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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