Out of the “Big Four” manga (Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and Fairy Tail), all have ended except for One Piece (Boruto Naruto Next Generations isn’t the original Naruto series). Originally, One Piece was planned to be end much sooner. Yet, Luffy’s journey along with his comrades has continued for 20 years now with more than 800 chapters. The story is still keep going with many emotional events, fascinating characters, which lead us to an old question: “How will One Piece end?” So, with no further ado, let’s try to find the answer!


Table of Content
1. One Piece Brief Overview
2. Eiichiro Oda’s Plan for One Piece
3. One Piece Ending Predictions
One Piece Ending Prediction by Pachupappy
Gold Roger Time Travel Theory by blob
The Inherited Will, “One Piece” Theory by Ashura_KingFisher

one piece ending prediction 1

One Piece Manga (Source: Internet)

Brief Information

  • Genre: Shonen
  • Author: Eiichiro Oda
  • Publisher: Shueisha
  • Manga First Release: 1997
  • Manga Chapters: 881 (at the moment)
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One Piece Anime (Source: Internet)

  • Studio: Toei Animation
  • Anime First Release: 1999
  • Anime Chapters: 808 (at the moment)

For those who haven’t read One Piece manga or watch One Piece anime, this series is originally a manga series started by Eiichiro Oda in 1997. At the moment, One Piece has gone through 881 chapters and high chance that it will surpass 1000 chapters.

In short, the story of One Piece is about a young boy named Luffy who always wants to become Pirate King. Along his journey, he made various friends and started Straw Hat Pirates crew. Together, they have fought through lots of hardships and travelled to the Grand Line – the most dangerous sea, yet where dreams can be fulfilled. Currently, the story is about Sanji’s original family and the conflict with one of the YonkoBig Mom Charlotte Linlin.

One Piece is praised for many things, but most importantly, the brilliant storyline with many unexpected twists and emotional events. Typically, we have one of the most memorable events in One Piece so far – the Battle at Marineford. Of course, not all people consider One Piece to be a great series. Even so, we can’t deny that there are tons, tons of One Piece fans in the world and it is the best-selling manga series at the moment.

Some One Piece Fun Facts:

  • Fun fact 1: Roger’s execution shared similarity to Olivier Levasseur’s, a well-known pirate known for leaving behind message about his treasure during his public execution.
  • Fun fact 2: Luffy once appeared on the cover of a popular magazine named Men’s Non-No, making him the very first anime character to appear on a Japanese fashion magazine.
  • Fun fact 3: In addition to Luffy’s appearance on fashion magazine, One Piece characters were actually used for A|X Armani Exchange animated models. In 2009, One Piece and A|X Armani Exchange cooperated to promote the movie One Piece Film: Strong World. In 2012, they also did this again for the movie One Piece Film Z.
  • Fun fact 4: In One Piece Blue: Grand Data File interview, Oda shared that he became an artist because he didn’t want a “real job.
  • Fun fact 5: The infamous prison – Impel Down in One Piece is inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, in which each prison layer has different punishments.
  • Fun fact 6: The Battle of Marineford is indeed an emotional one with the death of Portgas D. Ace and the legendary Whitebeard. In real life, there are actually replicas of their graves made by Universal Studios Japan for One Piece Premier Show 2013.
  • Fun fact 7: Luffy will be ambassador for Tokyo Summer Olympic 2020.
  • Fun fact 8: There is curious “coincidence” between Boa Hancock and real-life Thomas Hancock. Thomas Hancock is the founder of rubber industry in England, while in One Piece, Boa Hancock falls in love with Luffy – a rubber
  • Fun fact 9: Originally, Sanji was actually named as “Naruto”; however, Oda had to change the name due to Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto
  • Fun fact 10: Interestingly, Eiichiro Oda and Masashi Kishimoto are good friends. In Naruto manga final chapter 700, there is Straw Hat Pirates symbol on Naruto Hokage Rock’s headband. While in One Piece manga chapter 766, we can see tons of Naruto references which were meant to send a message from Oda: “Both my friend and rival, thank you for 15 years of heartfelt serialization!! Kishimoto-san, Otsukaresama!!
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Heartbreaking fight between Luffy and Sanji (Source: Internet)

Currently, One Piece story is about the Big Mom Saga and frankly speaking, it is hard to predict what will happen next. Of course, one thing we can sure is that Luffy and his crew will survive. Yet on the other hand, we still don’t know exactly what Oda is planning for the future of One Piece.

Back to 1997, Oda only planned One Piece to be a 5-year series, which means it were meant to end in 2002. But as we can see, the series is surprisingly popular and it has continued for 20 years now. Due to its popularity, the story is dragged longer than the original plan. This explains why Oda keeps trying to end One Piece as soon as possible and he even already had the ending in mind.

To answer the question of when One Piece will end, Oda shared that One Piece has only been 65% complete (this was stated during Dressrosa Arc). This means that we will have fair deal of at least 300 chapters more until the final chapter (currently we are at Big Mom Saga).

Oda and the Final Chapter of One Piece

one piece ending prediction 4

There will be a battle more epic than Marineford’s. (Source: Internet)

In the Eternal Log interview 2012, Oda stated the following:

The Marinefold arc really felt like a side trip to me. I didn’t expect it to be so popular. So I don’t know how readers will take this one. But the thing I think is interesting will be in that last chapter. Until then I would like as many of the fans as possible to stick with me.

According to this statement, it seems the final arc/chapter will feature a grand war which is even greater than the Marineford. Since the One Piece has built up lots of conflicts between the Marines, the World Government, and the Pirates, we can safely say this grand war will be the final battle and mark the grand ending of One Piece.

one piece ending prediction 5

In the end, what is “One Piece”? (Source: Internet)

Ever since One Piece first came out in 1997, fans have tried to wrap up the story and make prediction about the ending of One Piece. Interestingly, making predictions about One Piece ending is actually fun because of many hidden stories, messages put in by Oda throughout the entire series. And so, here we will feature some of the most popular One Piece ending predictions and theories.

*Note: Again, these predictions are not from us. All the credits go to original author and here we will only sum up the theories. For more details and discussion, please check out the original links.

But before going into the details, let’s recap some important terms and names which will be explained in the theories.

Important Terms and Names

  • Gold Roger: The legendary pirate in One Piece Universe, he found the fabled Raftel Island and discovered the treasure called One Piece. Later on, he announced the treasure’s existence to the entire world before his execution, thus ushered the Golden Age of Pirates.
  • Void Century: refers to a certain timeline of One Piece occurred long, long time ago before the legendary Gold Roger’s time and the One Piece main story. However, this part of history was unknown to the entire world and any act of researching it is forbidden by the World Government.
  • Poneglyphs: These inscribed tablets made from unknown materials are the only records of the Void Century. They reveal various truths and secrets of history; however, the inscriptions are written by an unknown language. Only few people can decipher the poneglyphs, for example Nico Robin from Straw Hat Pirates.
  • The Will of “D”: refers to the mysterious will of people with “D” in their name. This will is mentioned a lot in One Piece and it seems to be a crucial part in the story. Its origin is unknown, yet, there are some people are expected to carry that will, especially Luffy “D” Monkey.
  • All Blue: A fabled sea which is said to exist at the joint of the four seas. It has all kinds of fishes and lives in the world. Sanji of Straw Hat Pirates told that All Blue is his goal and dream.

One Piece Ending Prediction by Pachupappy

one piece ending prediction 6

The World Government is originally pirates? (Source: Internet)

This theory was posted by an user named Pachupappy. He tried to wrap up the history of One Piece and then connect the history to the possible future of One Piece.

In this theory, he guessed that there was an ancient kingdom in the Void Century. This ancient kingdom is highly advanced and they possessed ancient weapons like Pluton or Poseidon. However, they were defeated by certain pirates and their history was deleted from the annex of time. Eventually these pirates took control and used their own ancient weapons to create the infamous Red Line and the Grand Line. It was them who founded World Government as we see today.

After hundreds of years, Gold Roger found the true history and the origin of the World Government. He wanted to reveal the truth and took down this government. However, he believed his pirates alone wouldn’t be able to accomplish this. Therefore, he came up with a plan of intentionally letting himself publicly executed, and before the execution, he announced the mysterious treasure One Piece. This totally hyped up the “pirate trend” and ushered the Golden Age of Pirates. This Golden Age will mark the revolution and one person will inherit Roger’s will.

Pachupappy predicted that Luffy and his friends will successfully travel to Raftel and discover the true history like Roger did. Soon, Luffy with a pirate alliance will bring war to the World Government and the pirate alliance will emerge victorious. Then they use the ancient weapons of the lost kingdom to destroy the Red Line, uniting all the four seas, thus forming the fabled All Blue. Finally, Luffy will become the Pirate King as the one who united the world.

Main Argument

While this theory brings up relatively good connection from the history to the present days of One Piece, some people found this theory to be vague and didn’t answer all the mysteries in details:

  • This version of history is quite unclear especially who is the pirate invaders of the ancient kingdom?
  • How did they possess ancient weapons (there is no hint of this part in the manga or anime)?
  • In the end, what is the treasure One Piece which Roger announced?

Therefore, although the future prediction is somewhat legit, this ending theory still has major flaws and it needs more detail explainations.

Gold Roger Time Travel Theory by blob

one piece ending prediction 7

Gold Roger is Luffy? (Source: Internet)

This is quite an interesting theory by an user named blob from MyAnimeList. In this theory, his aim was not to predict the ending of One Piece in details but rather, to explain the origin of Roger and his goal.

The main idea from Blob is that Gold Roger is actually Luffy in the future! To make things easier to understand, let’s assume that there are 2 One Piece Universes (like Marvel or DC Comics Multiverse). In the first Universe, “Luffy Roger” became a pirate and later on a famous Pirate King. Yet despite his success, in his older years (perhaps 30 or 40 years old), he was tired of his life and the World Government full of corruption.

And so one faithful day, he found a Time Machine from the description of poneglyphs. Instead of destroying it, he decided to jump back in time before the “protagonist Luffy” we knew was born. In this alternative timeline (or another One Piece Universe), “Luffy Roger” once again became the Pirate King under the name Gold Roger. He intentionally let himself publicly executed in order to start the Golden Age of Pirates in this alternative Universe. And more importantly, encourage the “protagonist Luffy” to walk a different path than him and take down the World Government.

Blob also noted one small detail: in “Luffy Roger” Universe, Ace didn’t exist since Ace is Gold Roger’s son. However, in this timeline, Gold Roger didn’t exist yet. When “Luffy Roger” travelled to the “protagonist Luffy” Universe, he got married and only in this timeline that Ace was born.

Main Argument

The idea of time travel here is pretty interesting since it puts in another unexpected plot twist in One Piece story. However, there are two reasons why this theory couldn’t come true:

Firstly, time travel isn’t a simple plot twist; it can affect a lot of events and characters. If we consider other story about time travel like The Flash (from DC Comics), time travel is extremely dangerous since The Flash himself was responsible for the cataclysmic Flashpoint event.

Secondly, time travel isn’t a legit plot twist in One Piece. Throughout the storyline Oda built up so far, there is no hint about the time travel. Even though this plot sounds interesting on paper, it doesn’t really solve any mystery and relate to the world Oda created. This will only make the story more complicated without end, which is pretty bad move by itself.

Of course, who knows what Oda has in his mind. It’s still possible that we may see time travel in the future. But for now, this particular theory about “Luffy Roger“ seems to hardly come true.

The Inherited Will, “One Piece” Theory by Ashura_KingFisher

By far, this theory is the most popular and also the best One Piece theory shared among readers and fans. The theory originally came up by an user named Ashura_KingFisher (in this post, let’s call him Ashura for short) from ArlongParkForums in 2009, however, Ashura said that it lacked supporting facts. 4 years later, he posted this theory a second time with more backup facts. Ever since, this theory has made a big blast among One Piece community since it could explain entire One Piece timeline and also had a good ending prediction.

The entire theory is pretty long and therefore, we will try to sum up it up. For better details and explanations, please check out our link to his post.

In this theory, Ashura proposed 2 ideas: The Hidden Pattern and the actual history of Void Century.

The Hidden Pattern

one piece ending prediction 8

This is the man who will inherit the Will of “D” (Source: Internet).

Gold Roger once said:

Inherited Will, The Destiny of the Age, and The Dreams of the People. As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of Freedom, these things will never cease to be!

At first, this may just sound a fancy quote from a legendary pirate to make him feel more… legendary? But Ashura actually broke this down and explained that these 3 concepts from Gold Roger’s quote have appeared immensely throughout One Piece story. Basically he summed them up as following:

  • Men’s Dream: In the past, there were always people with dreams. Yet they couldn’t fulfill those dreams.
  • The Flow of Time: The dreams are often delayed for years.
  • Inherited Will: At certain time, some people will fulfill those dreams instead of the people from the past.

If we take this approach, it actually makes lots of sense since there are lots, lots of One Piece characters follow this pattern. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • Sanji inherited the All Blue dream from his mentor Red-Leg Zeff.
  • Zoro and Kuina, his childhood friend, once made promise to become the greatest swordsman and swordswoman in the world. However, Kuina was dead and Zoro promised to fulfill the dream for her sake.

And most significantly, we have Luffy who will definitely inherit Gold Roger’s will. This hidden pattern actually explains Gold Roger’s execution even further: Since Gold Roger discovered the truth, he wanted to change the world, yet he knew he couldn’t do it. Therefore, he decided to let himself captured and publicly executed so that he could start a generation of pirates. This Golden Age Pirates will help him achieve what we couldn’t, and especially, one day a pirate among the Golden Age will inherit his will. Of course, this pirate is no other than Luffy “D” Monkey. So the question is: what is “One Piece”?

The One Piece Project

one piece ending prediction 9

The map of One Piece: Red Line and Grand Line separates the four seas and aligns at Reverse Mountain (center) (Source: Internet)

In this part, Ashura noted that this is purely his speculation but still, it sounds quite logical and connects all things together as he explained what One Piece truly is.

Originally, there was an ancient kingdom (AK for short) with advanced civilization and technology. At this time, the Red Line and Grand Line has already existed, they divided the world into 4 seas just like in current days. AK saw Red Line and Grand Line as a huge problem in connecting the world and therefore, they devised a plan of destroying the Red Line. And so, the ancient weapons were created for this plan – the One Piece plan.

one piece ending prediction 10

What will happen if this Reverse Mountain is destroyed? (Source: Internet)

If we check out the map of One Piece, there is a spot called Reverse Mountain where Red Line and Grand Line meet. According to the AK’s plan, if this area was destroyed, the Grand Line and Calm Belts would also disappear, resulting in the connection between the four seas. Of course, this would make the world become whole and that’s why the plan called “One Piece”. Next, after Reverse Mountain’s destruction, this area would connect all the four sea and created the legendary sea – All Blue.

So what about the Fishmen? In One Piece we knew that there was an enormous ship called Noah. And Ashura proposed that Noah’s purposed was to evacuate all the Fishmen before the destruction of Reverse Mountain (which actually makes sense). In addition, we knew that the ancient weapon Poseidon’s power was to control the Sea Kings. If the 4 seas connected, the Sea Kings would be able to roam the entire world. But this was when Poseidon came in to keep these monstrous beasts in check.

This One Piece theory also makes sense in term of ending because Straw Hat Pirates would be able to fulfill their dreams:

  • Luffy: Obviously he is the worthy the name Pirate King since he “found” One Piece and became the man of true freedom.
  • Sanji: He finally found the All Blue.
  • Zoro: He could travel the world easily and hone his swordsmanship and become the strongest swordsman.
  • Nami: She could travel the world easily and draw the world map.
  • Franky: He and Sunny could travel the world.
  • Robin: Of course she had already discovered the true history.
  • Brook: He could easily reunite with Laboon.
  • Chopper: It’s not really clear what Chopper’s dream is but we can safely he would be able to learn more medical knowledge and become the most famous doctor in the world. And once he became famous doctor, he wouldn’t need to feel bad about his origin anymore.
  • Jinbei (possibly): Since we have seen Jinbei returned recently, high chance we will join with Luffy. If that’s the case, Jinbei would be able to support Luffy to become Pirate King and of course, save his Fishmen people.

The Void Century and The Will of “D”

one piece ending prediction 11

Crocus telling the story of Raftel (Source: Internet)

As good as the plan may sound, most other empires disagreed with this plan because of… politics? Even so, the AK still continued their plan which greatly infuriated other opposing empires. This resulted in an alliance between the opposing empires and this alliance attacked AK, ultimately destroyed it and ruined the One Piece plan. The alliance later formed a new organization called World Government to control the world and they deleted AK from the annex of time, resulting in the so-called Void Century.

Again when Roger found out about this, he wanted to fulfill this “ancient dream”. But since his condition didn’t allow him to do so, he entrusted his dream in the next generation, particularly the man who inherit the Will of “D”.

Main Argument

Frankly speaking, this theory is really logical and it connects the entire One Piece. Therefore, most people consider the theory to be actually true. That said; we still don’t really know what Oda plans ahead. There are about atleast 200 chapters ahead of us, which we better expect to see many surprises from Eiichiro Oda.

But that’s just theory! What do you think? How will One Piece ending play out in your opinion?

For now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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