Dragons have always been among the most essential creature in every fantasy-themed game. They often act as the final or secret boss in many titles, and of course, they tend to be extremely powerful. So today, let’s check out the top 20 best dragons in video games!

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Spyro the Dragon was the second game developed by Insomniac Games and released in 1998. The game tells a story of Spyro, a cute purple dragon who set out on an adventure to rescue all of his dragon friends throughout the dragon kingdom. And while this title can sound underwhelming to current gamer generations, those who played the game back in the day probably have a fond memory of its fun, fascinating platforming and puzzle elements. The game even got tons of great reception, being considered as among the best 3D platforming games on PlayStation. The only downside of the game is how the camera not following the character correctly. Nonetheless, it was a great game in overall and if you are interested in this purple dragon, remember to check out the Spyro Reignited Trilogy which is expected to release on November 13 this year.

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Dragon’s Dogma is a fascinating RPG game combining elements between Dark Souls and Shadow of the Colossus. Throughout the game players will get to encounter various monsters of various sizes, including the monstrous ones. And perhaps the most incredible monster in this game is Ur-Dragon, the optional end-game dragon boss which appears in Chamber of Lament in The Everfall.

Ur-Dragon is an undead dragon which has similar appearance to The Dragon (the red dragon which appears at the start of the game); however, it has pale, dark skin. What’s fascinating about this dragon is its fighting mechanics. When players damage the dragon’s body, its skin will deteriorate, exposing its bone. And here’s the catch: this dragon has extremely high health; also, it has 30 hearts in total spreading throughout its body. In order to reveal the hearts, players have to damage its body first. Then when its skin is deteriorated, the hearts will be also be revealed with the purple glow. As you can guess, destroying these hearts is the best way to damage the dragon; not only that, those hearts can also drop lots of valuable materials.

Players can encounter Ur-Dragon boss fight either online or offline. In the online version, the dragon has tons more of health and requires multiple encounters to finally kill it. However, attacking it can still drop great loots; furthermore, contribute to damaging its global health pool. When the first player killed the dragon, there will be a “grace period” in which the dragon will have nearly zero health and one among 15 hearts will brightly shine. If anyone manages to get to Chamber of Lament during this period, they have a chance to kill Ur-Dragon and reap even more incredible rewards, plus, all of player’s equipped gears will become Dragonforged.

The offline version of Ur-Dragon also works the same way, except that the dragon has less health, less hearts, and its drops are not as good as the online version. In any case, Ur-Dragon is indeed among the most, if not the most memorable boss fight in Dragon’s Dogma.

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The Mortal Kombat series has many high and low points throughout its history. And after its ultimate showdown in Mortal Kombat Armageddon 2006, the series has finally backed on track with its reboot Mortal Kombat 2011 by NetherRealm Studios. Unfortunately, there are so many characters which haven’t made their appearance yet, typically in this case: Onaga the Dragon King.

Onaga was first “teased” in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance 2002 under the name “Dragon King.” But it was not until Mortal Kombat Deception 2004 that he officially made his appearance as the main antagonist and also the final boss of the game. Onaga is said to be the ruler of Outworld who died long before Shao Kahn’s reign. He commanded a nearly invincible army and the only reason why the army was nowhere to be seen was because of Onaga’s death. However, in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance and Mortal Kombat Deception, it was revealed that Quan Chi found Onaga’s tomb and thus, formed a plan to resurrect Onaga.

Lore-wise, Onaga is so powerful that even Shao Kahn feared him. And when Onaga obtained the Kamidogu (literally the relics of the Elder Gods), he possessed nearly invincible power which could repel the alliance of Raiden, Quan Chi, and Shang Tsung at ease. He is also capable of fire breathing, self-regeneration, as well as summoning the dead. Gameplay-wise, Onaga’s power is nerfed (obviously because he would be impossible to defeat otherwise). He is heavy character type with heavy-hitting moves like Dragon’s Fire, Flame Breath, and Jumping Stomp.

Overall, Onaga is a pretty cool character in Mortal Kombat and we would love to see him again in the future Mortal Kombat sequel (Mortal Kombat XI perhaps?). An epic battle between Onaga and Shao Kahn will be nice.

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Prior to Hearthstone made by Blizzard, Yugioh Trading Card Games and Magic The Gathering were probably the most popular card games. And if you are a fan of Yugioh Trading Card Games, you probably know this legendary card already. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is one of Yugioh’s most iconic monsters since the beginning of its original manga series. It was first used by Yugi Muto’s grandpa – Solomon Muto – and later on, it became Seto Kaiba’s signature monster. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a powerful LV8 dragon back in the first generation of Yugioh. Then in later generations, the dragon got tons of treatments, featuring many cards supporting it and even making the “Blue-Eyes” as a standalone archetype. So which Blue-Eyes White Dragon version is the best? Probably the 3-headed Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!

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The beautiful, unique action-adventure game Okami was first released in 2006 for PS2. The game impressed players with its fantastic cel-shading, old Japanese-art visual style. It also has an interesting story of the Shinto goddess Amaterasu who walks the mortal land in the form of a white wolf to fight against the demonic dragon Yamata no Orochi.

Similar to Japanese folklore, Yamata no Orochi in Okami is portrayed as a monstrous 8-headed serpent demon; however, its original story was changed to fit the game’s plot. In Okami, Orochi originated from the mysterious Ark of Yamato and it deeply corrupted the land. Each of its head possesses different elemental power: earth, wind, fire, water, thunder, poison, light, and darkness. Eventually, Orochi was defeated by the white wolf Shiranui and the legendary hero Nagi. But 100 years later, the supposed Nagi descendant – Susanoo – “accidentally” released Orochi. And so, it’s up to Amaterasu in her wolf form and Susanoo to defeat the demonic threat of Orochi once again.

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Fable is another series which has a fair share of high and low points (mostly low recently since the infamous Fable 3). Yet nonetheless, we can’t deny the charm of the first Fable game, more specifically, Fable Lost Chapters. In this game, player in the role of Hero of Oakland has to face a mysterious entity from the void – Jack of Blades who has lived for millennia.

Normally, Jack takes the form of a human; however in the Lost Chapters, after defeating his humanoid form players will eventually get to face Jack’s dragon form. In this form, Jack is a colossal dragon with dark-brown tone. He can use a number of devastating fire attacks, sometimes, he fly onto the air and barrage player with fire balls, and occasionally he summons werewolves to raid the player. Even if the player defeats his dragon form, Jack of Blades’ spirit will not just go away. His soul resides within the Mask and players will have 2 choices: either throwing it away and destroy his evil for good, or wearing it and becomes fused with him.

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Demon’s Souls was the very first game made by FromSoftware which gave birth to their “Souls-Borne” games and inspired the “Souls-like” genre. And in this game, there is a really cool boss fight featuring the humongous Dragon God. This dragon is an extremely powerful dragon demon which is far, far bigger than many dragons we have seen in gaming.

Unfortunately, Dragon God is rather… underwhelming for many players since it is designed as a puzzle/stealth boss fight. To defeat this dragon demon, players have to tread carefully throughout his hall and activate the two ballistas. If the boss detects the players, it will give players a serious punch which deals tons of damage. As mentioned, the way FromSoftware designed Dragon God boss fight was rather underwhelming for certain players. Even so, visual-wise the Dragon God is definitely among the most impressive and most imposing bosses in Souls-Borne series.

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Dragon Age Inquisition was among the best games of 2014. And although many players considered it to be somewhat inferior to Dragon Age Origins, the game is still a great, polished product which deserves every single credit. And since this is “Dragon Age” we’re talking about, we have to mention the High Dragon, or rather, all the High Dragons throughout the game. They are basically optional boss fights which are only recommended for end-game. Not only they look incredible, they are also extremely powerful foe which requires careful tactics and preparations especially in Nightmare difficulty. The way they attack, the way they fly away and barrage the players, etc…, all feel so smooth and on top of all, they always drop high-end materials and gears.

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What can be cooler than a red, fire-breathing dragon? A space-pirate dragon! That’s right! Ridley is one such being who is also Samus Aran’s nemesis throughout Metroid series. Ridley has a skeletal dragon-like appearance (he also resembles the Pterodactyl dinosaur), while his specie is still unknown. And though Ridley may look like just a ferocious beast, he is actually very intelligent and capable of speech. In addition, he has a sadistic, destructive nature in which he enjoys killing and massacre. Also for some reason, Ridley always manages to come back every time he was defeated by Samus. And since Metroid Prime 4 has already teased back in E3 2017, we can expect his return soon enough. At the very least, players can play as Ridley in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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Despite its first release in 2011, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (or Skyrim for short) is an incredible game with extremely high longevity thanks to the modding community and its high replay-ability value. But this time we are not talking about Skyrim mods but rather, the epic dragon boss Alduin the World Eater. According to the lore, the humans of Skyrim worshipped the dragons long ago and thus, formed the Dragon Cult. However, Alduin, as an immensely powerful dragon himself, subjugated mankind out of his pride and arrogant. Ultimately, his younger sibling Paarthurnax cannot stand Alduin’s and his own atrocity, decided to teach people the dragon-tongue, or Thu-um, to rise against Alduin. Eventually, a battle occurred on the Throat of the World where three Nordic heroes used an unique shout called Dragonrend to subdue Alduin and activated an Elder Scroll to banish the evil dragon to the distant future. This brings us to the current timeline of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim when the player as Dragonborn fulfills his destiny to take down Alduin once and for all. If not the Dragonborn, who knows what kind of terror Alduin could unleash upon Skyrim.

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Even to this day, Dragon Age Origins has always been considered as one of the top Bioware games despite its original released of 2009 (or 2010 for the Ultimate Edition). The game tells an epic story of two Grey Wardens: the Hero of Ferelden (the player) and Alistair who embarked on a journey with their comrades to fight against the threat of Archdemon and its disastrous army of Darkspawn. According to the lore, the Archdemons were originally the awakened Old Gods in the form of dragon who were tainted by the Darkspawn. When an Archdemon is awakened, it will lead the vast army of Darkspawn called as The Blight, marching from the underground Deep Roads to the surface and annihilate the livings. And so, it is up to the warriors of legend – the Grey Wardens – to stop this madness before it swallows the whole world. For those who have experienced this epic journey, definitely you cannot forget the final battle with the Archdemon as it terrorized the city of Denerim. And thus, the feeling of joining with gathered allies from distant land was a fantastic experience indeed.

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There is a fair-share of draconic creatures throughout Dark Souls, but for this list, we have to pick the Black Dragon Kalameet from Artorias of the Abyss expansion. The first time players encounter this massive dragon is in the Royal Wood when it glares the players with its evil eye, and takes off, leaving an exciting, yet scary sensation.

The Black Dragon Kalameet is an optional dragon boss fight in this expansion. It has only one eye and it always flies in the sky unless the players asked Hawkeye Gough to shoot it down. If the players haven’t done so, Kalameet will just keep flying through the ravine, unleashing its ridiculously powerful black flame which covers the whole area. In this case, the dragon is nearly invincible and it can only be killed if players have a “certain set-up”. So normally, players have to talk with Gough and he will agree to help by shoot down Kalameet. After that, players can finally fight the dragon on the ground since its wing was torn by Gough’s arrow. Yet even so, the fight with Kalameet is still extremely difficult. It has variety of movesets, including tail swipe to prevent players from abusing its rear.

If players can manage to cut its tail (which is even more difficult than defeating the dragon itself), they will get a powerful weapon called Obsidian Greatsword. And when players finally kill the dragon, they will receive its eye in the form of Calamity Ring which doubles the damage the wearer takes. So… “that means the ring must have some additional benefits… right?” Err… no. The ring does not have any other effect, aside from making the game harder for those who thinks Dark Souls is not hard enough…

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Shadow of the Colossus is the “home” of many epic boss fights and luckily, here we have one particular dragon boss: The Phalanx. This “dragon” (which seems to have similar traits to Chinese dragons) is the largest colossus in the game. Just to put it on perspective, each of its wings is already 60-ft long while its rear-back has the similar width to a four-lane highway. And in case you haven’t known, Phalanx can float in the air thanks to its huge air-sacs under its body. For this reason, players have to shoot its air-sacs so that the dragon gradually flies close to the ground, allowing the players to grab on its wing. Interesting enough, the Phalanx is rather peaceful compared to many other colossuses. It does not seem to bother by the players’ appearance. In fact, it only cares when the players climb on its back.

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If you ask many World of Warcraft (WoW) players, many of them will probably say that Wrath of the Lich King is the best WoW expansion to date. And while the subject of “best expansion” depends on different people, we have to agree that Wrath of the Lich King has among the most epic opening cinematics, featuring the legendary Lich King/Arthas summoning a huge skeletal dragon and commanding an endless undead army. That undead dragon is Sindragosa, one of the final bosses in Icecrown Citadel.

Sindragosa was originally the prime consort of Malygos, one of the Dragon Aspects who known as the Spell-weaver. She died during the War of the Ancients and eventually resurrected by the Lich King as a powerful frost wyrm and served as the Queen of the Frostbrood. The most annoying part about Sindragosa boss fight back in the day was probably her extremely annoying debuffs, especially the Mystic Buffet which increases 20% magic damage taken by the players. In Heroic mode, her boss fight is even more annoying, notably her Phase 3 with the Frost Bomb which can completely one-shot the player.

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If you are Pokemon fan, you definitely cannot forget this fiery guy. Charizard is the final evolution form of Charmander introduced in Generation I. Despite his appearance clearly resembles a dragon, he is not a Dragon-type Pokemon but rather, a dual-type Fire/Flying Pokemon. Charizard is also probably among the most famous Pokemons besides Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Since the Mega Evolution mechanic was introduced in generation VI, Charizard also had 2 Mega Evolution variants: Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y.

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The Elder Dragons have always been the end-game essence throughout Monster Hunter series. In short, they are creatures of towering appearance which possess so ridiculously immense power that they can cause natural disasters, thus threatening the balance of the world as a whole. And in Monster Hunter World, these monsters get even better visual and animation treatment. Currently there are 9 Elder Dragons in total: Kirin, Kulve Taroth, Kushala Daora, Nergigante, Lunastra, Teostra, Vaal Hazak, Xeno’jiiva, and Zorah Magdaros. And true to their reputation, these Elder Dragons are end-game bosses which require a party to take them down. Although players can fight them in solo, it is only recommended for players who have good knowledge about the boss’s mechanics and gearing. And even if you think solo-ing the Elder Dragons is easy, check out their Arch Tempered version, they can totally give you a good beating.

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The Dragon Aspects are the five most powerful dragons in the World of Warcraft Universe. Originally there were proto-dragons (basically an ancient dragon specie) who served in the battle against the grotesque Galakrond, the Father of Dragon. To reward their deed, the Titans granted them immense power, each with unique power to protect Azeroth. The five Dragon Aspects are:

  • Nozdormu, the Timeless One: leader of Bronze Dragonflight and the protector of the world’s timeline, fate, and destiny.
  • Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder: leader of Red Dragonflight and the protector of all life on Azeroth.
  • Ysera, the Dreamer: leader of Green Dragonflight and the nature watcher in the Emerald Dream.
  • Malygos, the Spell-Weaver: leader of the Blue Dragonflight and the guardian of magic. He was later succeeded by his former servant Kalecgos.
  • Neltharion, the Earth-Warder k.a Deathwing: leader of the Black Dragonflight and the guardian of the earth.

Among the five Aspects, Neltharion is the strongest, who deserves a standalone spot on this list since he alone was responsible for an entire expansion in WoW. For the rest of the Aspects, their power was diminished after the final battle with Neltharion/Deathwing.

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Bahamut the Dragon King has always been a prominent character since the first Final Fantasy game. He often serves as the most powerful summon throughout the series especially with his signature move Megaflare. That said, Bahamut also seems to be a prideful entity since in many FF titles, players have to prove their worth if they want to gain his service. And in some games like the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, he serves as the end-game boss. Since there have been numerous Final Fantasy titles released within the past 28 years (from 1990 Final Fantasy), Bahamut also have underwent many redesigns in appearance. Notably in Final Fantasy XV, he looks more like a giant knight in draconic armor rather than a dragon, plus, he does not perform his signature Megaflare move but rather, summons numerous swords raining down upon the enemy.

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And here we have Deathwing the Destroyer, or Neltharion the Earth Warder as his former self. As mentioned, Neltharion was originally among the Dragon Aspects who received power from the Titans. As for Neltharion himself, he gained the power to watch over the earth and deep places below Azeroth. But this exact duty was also his greatest nightmare. Since the malefic Old Gods were trapped deep below the earth, Neltharion was the closest entity to be influence by the Old Gods and thus, went mad and became Deathwing the Destroyer, along with his new epithet as the Aspect of Death.

In WoW Cataclysm expansion, Deathwing finally decided to show himself, emerging from Deepholm and wrecked the entire Azeroth. It was exactly due to this action that Azeroth’s landscapes got significant changes. Ultimately, it took the effort of all Dragon Aspects, Thrall, as well as the adventurers of Azeroth to defeat him. Interesting enough, it is said that Thrall as the World Shaman is now serving as the temporary replacement for the role Aspect of Earth.

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Before someone may freak out due to Hydra King being the number 1 on this list, let’s hear us out on this. In the Ancient Greece, there was a term “drakon” which refers to giant serpent monsters and also, it was the origin of the word “dragon” we now use. The Lernean Hydra (which the Hydra King in God of War was based on) is one such “drakon.” So from this perspective, we can assume the Hydra is also a type of dragon.

In the original mythology, the Lernean Hydra is a 9-headed serpentine monster which terrorized the land of Lerna. The monster is known for its terrible power, as well as its unusual regeneration ability. And so, Hercules set out to slay the beast with the help of his nephew Iolaus by burning the wound caused by Hercules, thus preventing the monster from regenerating. The duo destroyed every Hydra head until its last immortal one. Knowing this, Hercules decided to chop that head and bury it under a heavy rock, thus effectively “slay” the monster.

In God of War, the Hydra serves as the very first boss of the game which intercepted Kratos’s ship from its journey to Athen. This epic fight is one of the most memorable boss fights in gaming since it is the first time players get to control a god-like character and fight with an over-sized boss. However, the Hydra in this game is little bit different from its original mythology. Instead of having an immortal head, this Hydra has a dominant Hydra head called as the Hydra King. Not only it is larger and looks more terrifying than other heads, it is capable of healing and reviving those lesser heads. And so, the only way to defeat this beast completely is to kill the Hydra King head, which is just what Kratos did in brutally way.

*Fun fact: In God of War 2, players can unlock the Hydra Armor (which made from the Hydra’s remaining from the first game) by completing the game in any difficulty. The armor doubles value of any Green, Blue, and Gold Orbs; however, it reduces Kratos’s strength by half.

And that’s it folks! Which dragon in video games is your most favorite? Feel free to share with us and for now thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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