In the last article about Toby Fox’s new game – Deltarune,
we have discussed about the general theme of the game what it is actually about
(or at least that was theory). But today, we have another question regarding
the character, to be more precise: who is
As we have seen, this supposedly main protagonist does not seem to be
the main character of this story at all. Plus, that creepy Deltarune chapter 1
ending has really caused a huge confusion. Unfortunately since the game has not
been fully released yet, we cannot have a clear answer about Kris’ identity.
But at the very least, let’s try to come up with some theories regarding this
mysterious story of Deltarune: who is Kris?

Table of Content:
1. History of Kris in Deltarune
2. Is Kris an antagonist in Deltarine?
deltarune who is kris 1
A human among monster society. (Source: Internet)

At the beginning of the game, you would notice that there is something… weird about the town in Deltarune. Similar to Undertale, Kris – supposedly the main protagonist – is living in a world full of monsters and there is no human sight. So naturally it felt really peculiar when Kris – a human child – lives in “harmony” with a monster society.

When we finally escape from the Dark World, we can control
Kris to walk around and talk with townsfolk. And interesting enough, we know
that Kris actually has lived in this town for very long time. Everyone knows
him and they do share with us memories regarding Kris and his family.

Kris’ adoption

deltarune who is kris 2
Toriel was the one adopted Kris. (Source: Internet)

First off, we know that Kris seems to be an abandoned child.
According to Toriel family’s story, originally
her family consisted of Toriel
herself, Asgore – her husband, and
their child named Asriel. Then one
day, Toriel adopted Kris, which
officially made him a member of Toriel’s family. Unfortunately we do not know
who Kris was before his adoption. But based on the word “adopt”, it is safe to assume that for some reason, Kris did not
have parents. Whether this was because his parents abandoned him or his parents
died long time ago, we still don’t know at this point.

Kris and Asriel

deltarune who is kris 3
And yup, she is now a teacher in Deltarune. (Source: Internet)

After the day Kris was adopted, it is also safe to assume that Kris had quite a good time with his new family, especially with his new brother Asriel. If we look around at the school, we eventually know Kris’ mother – Toriel – is actually a teacher at the school. Therefore, we can assume that Kris and Asriel probably spent lots of their time at school due to their mother’s work.

deltarune who is kris 4
This was once Kris and Asriel’s playroom. (Source: Internet)

This is further proven by the fact that the so-called “Dark World” where Kris and Susie travelled in present day is actually a board game. Remember when Kris and Susie finally returned to the real world, we notice that they are in the same dark, mysterious storage room which they came at first. This room turns out to be filled with board game, cards, characters, places which “coincidently appeared” in the Dark World itself. So is the Dark World real? Did Kris and Susie truly have an actual adventure in that Dark World? Possibly since Susie’s personality and attitude did change even after they got away from the “game”. But back to Kris’ story.

deltarune who is kris 5
He really looks like young Asriel. (Source: Internet)

So if the Dark World is indeed a board game in the storage
room, then who created the game? The answer is: Kris and Asriel. There are at
least two reasons for this: the first one was hinted by Ralsei’s identity. If
we look closely, we will see that for some reason, Ralsei looks strikingly
similar to young Asriel (if we based on his child appearance in Undertale). And
also, his name “Ralsei” is actually
an anagram for “Asriel”.

Then there is a second reason which we will mention later on,
but for now, let’s suppose that Kris and Asriel did play a lot with each other
when they were younger and they often hanged out in the storage room. So, what
happened next to Kris’ family?

Toriel and Asgore’s divorce

deltarune who is kris 6
The family used to come to the church often. (Source: Internet)

Based on what townsfolk said, especially at the church and the QC’s Diner, we know that Kris’ family often went to the church, and then enjoyed the meal at the diner on Sunday. During this period, we believed that this was Kris’ best time with his new family. However, things happened and such happiness did not last for long.

deltarune who is kris 7
Such a loving dad. (Source: Internet)

At one point, Toriel and Asgore decided to divorce. Asgore left the house and continued to work in his flower shop as we see in present day. On the other hand, Toriel took charge of taking care both of their children Asriel and Kris. It is hard to say how Kris felt during this period. But if we consider Kris’ story in real-life scenario, it is probably an extremely tough time since he was a kid and he was abandoned by his parents once. This point was also mentioned by MatPat that it was highly at this point when Kris felt betrayed by his own family once again. And at the moment, we do agree with his theory.

deltarune who is kris 8
(Source: Internet)

Continuing this line of theory, MatPat continued to theorize
that Kris seemed to be “protected” by
Asriel at this point. This seems highly to be the case since even after their
parents divorced, it was told that Asriel still brought Kris to QC’s Diner and
enjoyed hot chocolate together. We also hear that Kris often got carried by
Asriel to school every time he woke up late. In addition, it is highly possible
that Kris and Asriel still played board game with each other at the school’s
storage room. And from Kris’ perspective, it seemed that this game, this
storage room was where he could feel safe from his depression. But then again,
such “good time” still did not last
for long…

Asriel going to university

deltarune who is kris 9
Asriel is now university student. (Source: Internet)

Right at the beginning of the game, we see Kris sharing the same room with another person. And as Toriel spoke to Kris, we know that person was Asriel; however, he is now at the university. Connecting this with the story we discussed above, it seems that eventually Asriel went to university and ultimately left Kris behind. This major event seems to put Kris into further depression since his final, his closest friend and family finally left him. And thus this relates to our second reason why we believe Kris and Asriel are the creator of the Dark World game.

deltarune who is kris 10
Kris was hesitent to come in the closet room. (Source: Internet)

Remember when Susie and Kris first arrived at the storage room, Kris was hesitant to go in. He even stepped back, as if he already knew what’s in the room. Since Asriel is no longer here, Kris no longer has any friend to play the game with and thus, he finally decided to stay away from the game, the room where he and Asriel used to play in. It does make sense since given the Asriel’s departure, it was devastating for Kris. It is possible that every time Kris gets back to that room, it reminds him of his good memory with Asriel; yet, it is also a cruel reminder for Kris that such happy time can never return.

deltarune who is kris 11
(Source: Internet)

We know this thanks to Ralsei’s dialogue saying “I’ve been waiting alone here, my whole life, for you two to arrive” when Kris and Susie met him for the first time in Dark World. From our interpretation, this quote highly suggests that Kris has not returned to this world, or rather, played this game for very, very long time. Interesting enough, we can also have a general idea of who this Ralsei character may be. Judging by Ralsei’s appearance and personality, we suspect that Ralsei is in fact Kris’ creation. Or rather, he represents what and how Kris wants to see his brother Asriel in the game. Throughout his journey in Dark World, Ralsei seems to be an extremely nice guy and he is especially nice to Kris. He always respects Kris, no matter how Kris interacts with him. And thus, he always considers Kris to be his leader. This characteristic seems to be opposite of Asriel in real life. In another word, it looks like Kris wants Ralsei/Asriel to depend on him in this game unlike the real world where Kris is protected by Asriel.

deltarune who is kris 12
Now that’s… creepy? (Source: Internet)

And after all this, we come to that creepy Deltarune chapter
1 ending when Kris suddenly jumps out of his bed and rips out the Heart, then
throws it to the cage below his bed. This scene is quite disturbing and it does
remind us of Chara in Undertale. But does this mean Kris is Chara from
Undertale? No, we don’t think so at least for now since this is only the first
chapter we’re talking about.

This is another question which has been in some people’s mind
after seeing the ending. Honestly we also shared the same impression. But such
impression alone cannot prove whether Kris will become an insane villain who
will murder every one or not. So at best, we can only put up a general idea of
who Kris is as a person based on the information we know from Deltarune chapter

Emotional Memories

One fundamental thing we felt when looking at Kris’ character is a poor child who constantly got abandoned by the people closed to him most. This has happened time and time again: the first time when he was abandoned by his own parents (possibly), the second time when his new parents divorced, and the third time when his best friend and family member – Asriel – went to university.

deltarune who is kris 13
(Source: Internet)

All of these events seem to affect Kris tremendously, leaving
him vulnerable mentally. Time and time again Kris was abandoned and ultimately,
he no longer has anyone to rely on. Every time he revisited the old memories,
they often caused him pain, thus making him want to avoid those memories. We
saw this firsthand when Kris and Susie arrived at the storage room. Kris
stepped back and did not want to enter the room since it reminded him of his
time with Asriel which never comes back. Then when Kris ordered hot chocolate
at QC’s Diner, there is also a dialogue table saying: “You drank the hot chocolate. It tasted wonderful. Your throat tightened…”
These exact quotes also hint a depressing emotion as it reminds Kris of the old
time when Asriel still brought him here and enjoyed chocolate. And possibly it
also reminds him of the good ol’ time when the family was still together.

Kris is a troublemaker?

deltarune who is kris 14
(Source: Internet)

Besides Kris’ history with his family, we also get to know his reputation in this town by talking to various people. The first hinted thing is that: Kris seems not to be talkative person. According to Noelle, Kris normally did not talk much and seeing Kris in present day talking is kind of… peculiar.

deltarune who is kris 15
(Source: Internet)

And then there is the major point: Kris seems to be notorious around town as a troublemaker. As we talk with townsfolk, many people spoke about Kris’ misdeed in the past like Toriel who said that “you did not put a bath bomb in the toilet again, did you?” Noelle also said that once Kris poured ketchup on his arms and told her that it was blood. Even Noelle’s father – Rudolph “Rudy” Holiday have a problem with Kris since he tends to get “tangled in the light display”.

deltarune who is kris 16
Notice the huge difference between two beds. (Source: Internet)

This is rather interesting since this Kris’ personality is
totally opposite to Asriel. When the
townsfolk talks about Asriel, they often regards him as a “star boy.” In fact, we can see there are lots of trophies and
medals in his room, indicating his successful life. While on the contrary,
there is nothing displayed on Kris’s side except for the cage.

So yes, Kris is an infamous troublemaker in the town.
However, this still cannot prove that Kris will be a villain or antagonist.
After all, he is child and all of his pranks are not exactly dangerous. To
certain extent, some people feel that Kris is somewhat similar to Susie. But
the big difference is: Susie is more extreme and violent. In case of Kris, it
is possible that all of his pranks were to attract attention. Again, he is just
a child and he is not good at forming a conversation (like Noelle implied). Not
to mention his brother Asriel who is the star of the town and possibly he
outshines Kris.   

Is Kris Chara or Frisk?

deltarune who is kris 17
Kris, are you Frisk or Chara? (Source: Internet)

Now we come to the final question: “is Kris Chara or Frisk?” This is a legit question since we have
seen many characters in Deltarune are actually alternative versions of their
Undertale counterparts. And judging by Kris’ appearance and his relationship
with Toriel, Asgore, and Asriel, it’s safe to assume that he is also an
alternative version of either Chara
or Frisk.

For now, we still cannot find an answer for this question.
From our perspective, Kris’ appearance really reminds us of Chara. Furthermore,
his final scene strongly resembles Chara when he finally “snapped”. That said, we still cannot say for sure. Back in
Undertale, Chara is an independent and rather cryptic character, and we could
never control him. Therefore it is kind of… incoherent when we can control
Chara in Deltarune, especially if Deltarune is an alternative world to
Undertale. And plus, the name “Kris
does not relate to the name “Chara
at all. Instead, it feels more like an anagram of the name “Frisk”.

So perhaps the character we control during the entire chapter
1 is actually “Frisk”, and then he suddenly got possessed by Chara at night? It
is possible! But in the end, these are just unconfirmed theories, and not to
mention, this is only the first chapter of Deltarune.

But what do you think?
Who is Kris in your opinion? Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you
and stay tune for more news in the future!

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