My Hero Academia, or Boku no Hero Academia, is going strong with the current Season 3, especially after the epic battle between All Might and his worst enemy All For One. Although the heroes look like winning, the League of Villains has clearly shown their capability of ruining the entire society. But who are they? Why are they so dangerous? It’s time to collect all information we have and understand My Hero Academia villains!

Table of Content:
1. What is the League of Villains?
2. The World’s Most Dangerous Criminals

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The most evil organization is here! (Source: Internet)

When there are heroes, there must be villains. And if there is a hero alliance, there will definitely be a league of dangerous villains lurking behind the shadow. League of Villains is once such dangerous organization, if not the most dangerous organization in Boku no Hero Academia’s universe.

Originally, the league was created by All For One and later, led by Tomura Shigaraki. Before season 3, All For One never appeared in person. He only contacted Tomura to train and give him advice of how to run the league, while his student was in charge of the league and also every single operation. The league was estimated to have around 75 villains, varying from weak guys to S-class criminals like All For One and Tomura. After the Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc, many of its members were captured. But after Stain’s defeat, many villains were inspired by him and sought the League of Villains.

my hero academia villains 2

Don’t mess with the devils! (Source: Internet)

The League of Villains is a pretty interesting evil organization in anime world because it is always evolving. Unlike many types of villainous groups, the League of Villains tied closely with the development of Tomura. It faced lots of failures at first; it does not even have a clear goal. But gradually, this organization, along with Tomura, discovered its goal and its power is increasing. How fast is it increasing in power? It’s a mystery. Nonetheless, the league still has potential, it is growing and if not stopped, it may shake the entire society’s foundation one day.

Now that we have taken a brief look at this criminal organization, it’s time to check out its members we have seen so far. Please note that we will only include the primary members and those who are prominently showed in My Hero Academia anime.

Tomura Shigaraki

my hero academia villains 3

What can you see witihn his eyes? (Source: Internet)

Tomura Shigaraki (or Tenko Shimura as his real name) is the current leader of the League of Villains and also All For One’s student and successor. He, along with All For One, is the main antagonist of the series, direct opposing to Izuku Midomiya and All Might.

Tomura looks like a pale young man with black clothes. In his villain form, he still wears his usual clothes, but with 8 severed hands holding his 2 arms and 1 more hand covering his face which he often called as “Father”. And for some reason, he shows clear distress when that “Father” hand removed from his face.

Tomura as a villain is a special case in anime world. In most anime, villain tends to have a set personality, goal, and possibly ideology. We rarely see them grow up or develop. But in case of Tomura, he actually matures alongside with the protagonist of the series. In the first season, Tomura feels kind of boring since he did not have any clear goal. He acted like a child and such childish characteristic led him to failures. But gradually, we have seen him growing up as a finer villain. He has found his true goal and thus, becoming a finer leader and schemer. Such growing is extremely fascinating, especially for a main villain like Tomura. No doubt it will be extremely interesting what he will do in the future.

Tomura’s Power and Quirk

my hero academia villains 4

Notice Eraserhead’s decaying elbow. (Source: Internet)

Despite being arrogant and rather childish (in his early stage), Tomura is actually much, much more intelligent than we thought. He is extremely sharp and witty, as he can quickly analyze enemies’ Quirk and weakness during the battle. He is also really fast comparing to most Class 1-A students and even other professional heroes (however he still cannot comprehend All Might’s speed).

His Quirk – Decay is an extremely fatal ability. It allows him to decay anything he touches. But, he needs to touch the target with all 5 fingers for this Quirk to work. For that reason, Tomura tends to be cautious of his fingers to avoid destroying things he needs.


my hero academia villains 5

Kurogiri the… bartender? (Source: Internet)

Kurogiri (literally means “Black Fog”) is the second-in-command in the League of Villains. He has a calm personality and he has responsibility to keep Tomura in check. Kurogiri is extremely loyal to Tomura and especially All For One. He is also seems to have a huge respect for All For One as he often called All For One as “sensei”. It is also possible that Kurogiri was All For One’s student, it’s just that he is not the chosen one like Tomura.

As his name suggests, Kurogiri’s body is literally a mass of black fog with 2 glowing spots indicating his 2 eyes. Normally Kurogiri often wears an elegant suit resembling a bartender with metal plates around his neck, possibly to let people see him easier. In combat form, he does not wear anything except for the metal plates. In spite of his “gentleman” side, Kurogiri is a villain at heart and he also has tendency to torture people.

Kurogiri’s Power and Quirk

my hero academia villains 6

He is literally a mass of fog. (Source: Internet)

In terms of pure power, Kurogiri is rather weak compared to many other villains. However, his most powerful assets lie within his intellect and skill (clearly he is not “second-in-command” for nothing). Honestly we don’t see him much in combat, but his Quirk – Warp Gate is exceptional when done right (and this guy is extremely skillful in controlling his power). Warp Gate allows Kurogiri to teleport himself and his allies to nearby location. Kurogiri can also create multiple gates, allowing his allies to emerge from different spots. While this Quirk may not be ideal for fighting, it is extremely useful for ambush, surprise attack, retreat, and kidnap.


my hero academia villains 7

What is this beast? (Source: Internet)

Gigantomachia is an enormous, beastly human being with radio hanging around his neck. He is said to be loyal subject of All For One and will appear when something happened to master. Judging by his colossal size and muscular, rock-like build, Gigantomachia is expected to be extremely strong, though his Quirk is still unknown.


my hero academia villains 8

Nice skin! (Source: Internet)

This creepy looking guy is a major member of the League of Villains, specifically the leader of the organization’s Vanguard Action Squad. Dabi looks like young man around 20s, he often wears black coat and pants. His most striking appearance trait is his patched skins throughout his body, which is most visible on his lower jaw and neck.

Dabi is a confident, stoic figure who rarely shows emotions. He is especially dedicated to Stain and his goal of purging the society of superhuman, thus leading him to join the League of Villains. At Dabi’s first meeting with Tomura, he insulted Tomura and even had a “small conflict” with the guy. That said, Dabi clearly puts his goal above else as he loyally follow Tomura while clearly they had problems with each other at first. And while he rarely shows his emotions, he clearly has a more sadistic side when he takes joy in inflicting pain and even killing other people.

Dabi’s Power and Quirk

my hero academia villains 9

Such blue flame! (Source: Internet)

Based on his performance in Forest Training Camp Arc, Dabi has shown himself to be an extremely capable villain. He could easily repel Bakugo Escort Squad and even restrained Bakugo with no issue. In addition to his excellent fighting capability, Dabi also has sharp mind as he could observe and quickly analyze things around him. When he first met Tomura, he could identify Tomura’s instable nature. And during Forest Training Camp Arc, he could easily see through Shoto’s stoic look. Then finally, Dabi’s Quirk – Cremation allows him to burn everything he touches in blue flame and expel it to attack. We have seen him using this skill to burn the forest in Forest Training Camp Arc

Himiko Toga

my hero academia villains 10

Cute… (Source: Internet)

If you have been keeping in touch with anime community recently, you will see this sadistic girl appearing a lot throughout posts and meme stuffs. Himiko Toga is a prominent member of Vanguard Action Squad in the League of Villains and she has the exact opposite characteristic to Dabi’s. While Dabi tends to keep his emotion in check, Himiko is not hesitant in showing her cheerful side, even in the worst case scenario. Himiko also has rather unstable mentality, along with extremely twisted belief of love. From her mind, love is about wanting to be like the one you love, even to the point of becoming that person. Normally she wears student uniform with an oversized cardigan. Her villain costume is also not much different than her usual clothes, except for some addition tools and gadgets around her waist and legs. She also wears a scarf with carnivore-like design and a mask covering her half of her face.

Himiko’s Power and Quirk

my hero academia villains 11

… but deadly. (Source: Internet)

Himiko’s capability seems to lean more on stealth/covert action than direct combat. This is because of her unique Quirk – Transform which allows her to complete take the form of any person if she can consume that person’s blood. The more blood she had, the longer her transformation will be. Her transformation does not only copy the person’s physical appearance but also that person’s voice, allowing her to perfectly impersonate anyone she likes. She also possesses great reflexes, speed, and agility. One significant example was when she disguised as Camie during Provisional Hero License Exam, she could easily passed the first test on her own.

Himiko may look cute, but she is clearly dangerous. But you know what people say: “Every rose has its thorn.”

Jin Bubaigawara – Twice

my hero academia villains 12

Twice, is this really you, or your clone? (Source: Internet)

This fellow is probably the funniest guy in the League of Villains. Jin Bubaigawara, also known as Twice, is a C-ranked villain and also the member of Vanguard Action Squad in the league. Unlike many other members, Jin looks more adult. Yet, his personality is another story.

Jin/Twice has dissociative identity disorder due to his Quirk. He seems to have 2 distinct personalities and they always contradict each other. For example, he can insult Dabi, but then praise him right afterwards. And funny enough, he claimed to feel cold while being hit by Shoto’s fire. So what exactly happened to the dude?

my hero academia villains 13

Somehow this guy gives out a “Deadpool” vibe. (Source: Internet)

As mentioned, Twice suffered identity disorder “thanks” to his Quirk – Double. This ability allowed him to create clones of himself; however, he cannot control the clones he created. At first, things went out easy for him until one day all of his clones suddenly questioned “who is the real Twice.” And so all the clones, including real Twice himself, fought each other and during the battle, the real Twice got hit on his head. The fight lasted around 9 days as the clones finally disappeared. Unfortunately, the chaotic combat combining with Twice’s head injury gave him a serious mental issue. He constantly struggles with himself, he cannot sure whether he is the real Twice or he is actually a clone. Quite a twisted… and sad story for this dude.

Atsuhiro Sako – Mr. Compress

my hero academia villains 14

Does anyone like clowns? (Source: Internet)

Atsuhiro Sako, or Mr. Compress, is among the most dangerous criminals in the world due to his high intelligence. He works in the League of Villains as a strategist and also a member of Vanguard Action Squad.

This clown-looking guy is really talkative. He is arrogant and often shows his arrogance and humor to everyone around him including allies and foes. And of course as a “clown”, this guy seems really like to be in charge of every event he participates. He always tries to show his “entertainment skill”; however, this can also be his greatest downfall as he tends to monologue and  show off his skills.

Mr. Compress’s Power and Quirk

my hero academia villains 15

Guess what are those marbles. (Source: Internet)

In terms of physical performance, Mr. Compress is very agile and fast. He can dodge and distant himself quickly from his opponent, even on branches or tree top. Agility and speed aside, the main weapon of Mr. Compress is his high intellect and deception skill. He can easily trick people without them noticing.

His Quirk – Compress (just like his name) – allows him to “compress” an object or even person into a small marble without destroying or killing the target. The weight of the target is also reduced to that of a marble, making this ability a perfect tool for abduction. Mr. Compress can also use this ability to cut off parts of a human body, for example: he can compress a person’s leg and as the result, the leg is preserved but it is severed from the body.


my hero academia villains 17

Death! Blood! Battle! That’s what he seek! (Source: Internet)

In terms of physical strength, Muscular was probably the strongest member of the League of Villains (excluding Gigantomachia). He used to be one of Vanguard Action Squad members until he was defeated by Izuku and currently he was under arrested.

Muscular has an extreme violent tendency and thirst for killing and torturing. And unlike many recruits in the League, he joins the organization for killing and fighting sake rather than honoring Stain’s ideology. Due to his tremendous strength, Muscular develops an extremely arrogant attitude towards anyone considered weaker than him (like in his fight with Izuku). That said; his overconfidence is also his greatest weakness as he tends to be distracted or do not fight seriously with his all might. And as we know, Muscular’s overconfidence did lead him to failure during his fight with Izuku.

Muscular’s Power and Quirk

my hero academia villains 16

Such muscle, much wow! (Source: Internet)

Muscular’s power relies heavily on his Quirk – Muscle Augmentation. This Quirk allows him to strengthen his underneath muscles, thus increase his tremendously in speed, physical strength, and endurance. From his fight with Izuku, Muscular showed overpowered strength over Izuku many times. Even when Izuku used 100% Detroit Smash, Muscular could still withstand the damage. Muscular could still overpowered Izuku when Izuku used 100% One For All. Muscular’s speed is also extremely fast as he can manipulate his leg’s muscles, giving him a huge burst of speed.


my hero academia villains 18

No… he’s not a nerd. (Source: Internet)

If you look at this guy and think he is just a weak, nerd-looking student then beware, he can “choke” you to sleep rather easily. Mustard was a member of Vanguard Action Squad in the League of Villains. He also took part in Forest Training Camp Arc, but got arrested.

Mustard looks like a high-school student wearing black school uniform, along with a huge gas mask covering his face and 2 oxygen tanks behind his back. During the Forest Training Camp Arc, Mustard showed extreme jealousy towards UA students, specifically Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. For some reason, he believed Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu did not deserve people’s attention just because they were UA students. He even brought a gun with him to try killing the two students.

Mustard’s Power and Quirk

my hero academia villains 19

Wait buddy! That’s against the rule! (Source: Internet)

Similar to Muscular, Mustard relies heavily on his Quirk – Sleep Gas – in order to fight with enemy. He often fights in medium-long range because he does not possess any significant strength and speed for melee combat. However, what makes up for his lack in physical strength is his incredible marksmanship. In his battle with Tetsutetsu, Mustard could perfectly blast away Tetsutetsu’s gas mask with only single gunshot. Mustard’s intellect is also a shining point as he has a good understanding of his Quirk. He could even solo 2 UA students at a time, which is not an easy feat to pull out.

Thanks to his Quirk, Mustard can generate and control a huge amount of sleep gas. He could even create a typhoon of gas, covering almost entire forest. Interesting enough, Mustard himself is not immune to his own gas, but, he can detect movement within the gas by reading its fluctuation.

Kenji Hikiishi – Magne

my hero academia villains 20

Yup, this is a transgender woman. (Source: Internet)

Before proceeding any further, let’s remind us all that Kenji Hikiishi – Magne is not a man, but rather, a transgender woman. She has a muscular build, similar to Muscular; in fact, she is extremely skilled in close-quarter combat. Magne has brutal personality and pretty huge criminal record. It is reported that Magne once committed 9 armed robberies, 3 murders, and 29 attempted murders. The main reason why she joined League of Villains was because she wished to live true to herself. Beside those, there is not much information regarding her story.

my hero academia villains 21

Don’t be fooled! She is exceptional in combat. (Source: Internet)

In terms of power and Quirk, Magne is extremely skilled in melee combat. In fact, she could spar with professional hero Tora of Wild, Wild Pussycats at ease. Her Quirk – Magnetic – makes her melee combat even more dangerous as she can magnetize people around her within a 4.5 meter radius. So that means: you cannot escape from her or distant yourself since you will be constantly pulled towards her.


my hero academia villains 22

Okay… this guy looks like straight out from Arkham Asylum. (Source: Internet)

This insane, creepy-looking dude called Moonfish is probably the most insane-looking criminal in the League of Villains. In terms of appearance alone, this guy looks straight out like coming from a mental asylum with black clothes and strappings around his body. His clothes cover the entire body, except for his mouth, along with metal clamps to hold his mouth open.

Moonfish often speaks to himself and has a horrifying tendency of consuming flesh. Such twisted personality probably comes from his Quirk – Blade-Tooth. With this Quirk, Moonfish can manipulate and strengthen his teeth. As we saw in Forest Training Camp Arc, his teeth are so strong, so durable that it can easily pierce through Shoto’s ice. Aside from his dangerous Quirk, Moonfish also showed great experience in battle, as he could overpower both Shoto and Katsuki – the two most powerful students of Class 1-A.


my hero academia villains 23

Even professional heroes can’t defeat these abominations easily! (Source: Internet)

Nomus are basically artificial humans created by the League of Villains. It is still unknown how the organization created these abominations. High chance that these Nomus were originally created by All For One since he was the mastermind behind the league and also, his Quirk allows him to give Quirks to other individuals. This can explain why some Nomus, especially the later “productions”, can use multiple Quirks at a time.

Each Nomu seems to have distinct form and shape; however, they all share a same characteristic of exposed brain with transplanted eyes. As witnessed, these Nomus are extremely dangerous and powerful and potentially they can be much, much more powerful in the future.

Although their Quirks can be different, all Nomus share the same trait of being vacuous. They do not have any sort of personality, they cannot think, or speak. They can only follow orders of their masters. Overall, let’s just say these Nomus are perfect tools for war.

All For One

my hero academia villains 24

The Big Boss himself – All For One (Source: Internet)

Now we’ve come to the most dangerous, most powerful, most sinister villain of My Hero Academia – All For One. He is the mastermind behind the League of Villains and also the one who have been training Tomura to be his worthy successor. All For One’s identity is still shrouded in mystery. No one knows his true name, his origins, or even his face. The only thing we know is that: he is a genius, a sinister schemer and honestly, even now we still don’t know his true motive.

Years ago, All For One fought All Might in a mortal battle. As we know, both of them suffered grave injuries. In case of All For One, his face was smashed, causing his face to disfigured. All we can see is scar tissue covering his upper face. Although he lost his eyes, All For One can still “see” thanks to the Vision Quirk and his ability to sense vibrations surrounds him. All For One always wears a black suit, and after his first fight with All Might, All For One wears an additional skull-looking helmet covering his entire face.

All For One is a megalomaniac who has a thirst of stealing Quirks from other people. He also tends to help other people, but with utter motives. He always demands returns from people he helped, and if they don’t, he will kill them without hesitate. All For One even captured people for his experiment, resulting in what we know now as Nomus. Yet despite all of these crimes, All For One believes that he is bringing order to the society.

All For One always poses a calm, confident manner. He gives out a menacing aura towards everyone around him. He is so calm, so secrecy that only god knows what he wants to do with us. When it comes to his subordinates, he is surprisingly polite towards them rather than patronizing them. It’s hard to say whether this is his true personality, he just acts like that to manipulate his underlings easier.

Another interesting notion is how different between All For One’s teaching and All Might’s teaching. Unlike All Might who directly involves in giving his students advices, helps, and even harsh lessons, All For One teaches Tomura in indirect manner. He speaks with gentle manner and always encourages Tomura when he fails.

All For One’s Power and Quirk

my hero academia villains 25

Battle of ages: All Might vs All For One! (Source: Internet)

Needless to say All For One is the most powerful villain ever known and possibly the strongest individual ever existed. The only one who could stop All For One was All Might. And despite All Might’s two victories against All For One, both battles were close match as both adversaries suffered serious injuries after their fights.

All For One has a genius-level intellect thanks to his age and experience. He also has a vast knowledge of many, many Quirks. And on top of all, his Quirk – All For One – allows him to steal anyone’s Quirk and add it to his own arsenal. He can also transfer Quirk to another person. To certain extent, he was actually the one “accidently” gave his brother “One For All“. He could even combine different Quirks to perform much, much more devastating techniques. As witnessed in his second battle with All Might, All For One combined Springlike Limbs, four Kinetic Booster Quirks, three Strength Enhancer Quirks, Proliferation, Hypertrophy, Rivet and Spearlike Bones to strengthen his right arm, giving him insane power over All Might. Despite losing to All Might second time, it forced All Might to bring out every last inch of his One For All and now All Might can no longer work as hero anymore.

Overall, All For One is indeed the most powerful and most dangerous villain to date. Even when he is now imprisoned, he still poses a great sense of threat since we don’t know what is he really plotting after all these years.

And that’s it folks! Which is your most favorite villain(s) in the League of Villains? Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you and stay tune for more news in the future!

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