Originated from Thailand, the Siamese cat breed came to the US in the 19th century and it has quickly become one of the most cat breeds in America. The Siamese cats are elegant, affectionate, and very talkative, making them a splendid companion in the family. So with no further ado, let’s get to know more about our chatty furry friend!

1. Where did the Siamese cat come from?

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As mentioned, the Siamese originally came from Thailand (formally known as Siam) for centuries. They were popular in the country; however, it was not until the late 19th century that they presented in Crystal Palace Cat Show 1891 in London. Even before this event, the cat actually became an “ambassador” when David B. Sickels – a US diplomat stationed in Thailand – sent President Rutherford and his wife Lucy a surprise gift – the Siamese cat! The breed quickly rose in popularity. They even appeared in various films and movies like “The Incredible Journey”, “The Aristocats”, and “Lady and the Tramp”. Nowadays, the Siamese has become one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, not just US.

2. What do they look like?

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The Siamese is unique regarding their appearance. They normally come in 2 types:

  • The show version has slim, yet well built, long legs, long tail, and a wedge-shaped head with large triangular ears.
  • The traditional version has a rounded head and chunky body.

And the most unique element is their coat color. The interesting part is that: during their birth, the Siamese kittens only have a white coat with some markings. But when they grow up, their coat gradually changes the pigment, notably, their legs and tail become dark. Their body also shows darker color blending with the original white coat. Their face also has dark mark and dark pointing ears.

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This drastic change in color is said to be a result of genetic modifier genes. During their birth, their color is white since the mother’s womb is very warm and therefore, the temperature prevents the genes from reaching the kitten’s fur. But as the kitten grows up and lives in cooler temperature, the genes gradually modify their fur color.

Nonetheless, thanks to the gorgeous color contrast in the Siamese cat’s coat (combining with the bright blue eyes) that many people come to love the breed’s beauty.

3. Siamese Cat’s Traits and Personality


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Now one thing you have to keep in mind before actually getting a Siamese cat is that: they are Extremely Talkative. This cat breed is famous (or infamous depending on what you think) for their talkative nature. They will raise their voice on literally everything they see and interact with. They will tell you what they think about the food, they will inform you what the neighbor doggo is doing, they will supervise everything you do and tell you how to do your job. So if what you want is a peaceful, quiet life at home, it is highly recommended NOT to adopt a Siamese cat or they will tell you how boring it is at home all day. But if you have no problem with loud voices at home, the Siamese will be a fantastic buddy to talk with.

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Aside from being talkative, the Siamese cat is also a highly social and active cat breed. They do not like being alone for a long time, also, they need to keep themselves busy with activities like playing with puzzle toys, teaser toys, etc… In case you do let them alone at home with nothing to do, you will soon find out that your talkative buddy will “fix” various things at your home and proudly teach you how to do the same when you return.

Choose the Siamese if you seek to spend time at home and have a good time with your cat. They are smart, loyal, and you can even teach them some tricks (and listen to how they think about it). They are also fine with other cats and dogs, therefore, it would be a great idea to adopt another pet to keep them accompanied, especially if you cannot spend time at home with them.


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Every cat can be vulnerable to different diseases and health problems, and the Siamese cat is no different. So if you meet a breeder who claims that their Siamese cats are 100% healthy, you better stay away and consider other breeders.

Some known, possible issues with Siamese cats are respiratory and dental problems, which seem to be more popular among wedge-shaped head Siamese than the less extreme one. Other possible health problems can include bladder stones, eye problems (e.g. glaucoma. progressive retinal atrophy), heart issues, and certain cancer types.

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Then of course, there is one most popular issue which is obesity. Luckily, you are in control of this so make sure they have appropriate diet and daily activities to keep them in good shape.

And that’s it folk! Do you love the Siamese cat breed? What do you like about them? Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you and stay tuned for more news in the future!

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