With the latest teaser of Robert Pattinson’s The Batman suit, everyone is quite excited and a bunch of theories has been made up regarding the suit. Still, we have to wait until 2021 to finally see this new Batman film in shape. For the meanwhile, it is a good time for us to take a look back and check out every Batsuit ever worn onscreen to date!

*Note: We will only count live-action films & movies, excluding cartoon

1. The Batman 1943 Batsuit

batsuit 1

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This may come as a surprise for some people but Batman actually began his “onscreen career” in 1943. And as you can already see, the Batsuit… did not look good like at all. But to be fair, the film was made during the wartime of 1943, plus it was said that the budget was rather tight at that time. Therefore, their effort was still rather commendable, and hey, at least it came with a utility belt!?

2. The Batman 1949 Batsuit

batsuit 2

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This was a continuation of The Batman 1943; however, the Batsuit still looked terrible to be honest. Again, the film was made during wartime so to a certain degree, we might forgive the suit… Yet, that cowl was still unacceptable even for the old-time standard. The only saving grace of this suit was the bat symbol, which looked quite nice (although it should be put on the upper chest). Overall, it was sad to say this but they probably should have rolled with the first suit.

3. Adam West’s Batman 1966 Batsuit

batsuit 3

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Okay, frankly speaking, Adam West’s Batman and his Batsuit looked funny rather being cool and fearsome. It was silly even; however, Adam intended to make this a comedic Batman TV series in the first place. Looking at the suit again, we could see what he was trying to achieve. So if what you want is a hilarious Batman meme, this suit should definitely be in your reference list.

4. The Batman 1989 Batsuit

batsuit 4

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After all those years, the fans of Batman in 1989 now finally got to see a dark and serious Batman movie. No more comedy, no more silly stuff, this was finally the “true” Batman that comic fans had been waiting for.

No more blue and gray colors, Michael Keaton went all out with a new black outfit, complemented with yellow and black bat symbol and the utility belt. The suit was customized to fit with Michael’s body, it looked really classic, yet also cool and totally exuded that Batman vibe. And in case somebody wondered about the yellow and black bat symbol, it was borrowed from the comic version which was still a popular Batman design for a time.

5. Batman Returns 1992 Batsuit

batsuit 5

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3 years after the massive hit The Batman 1889, Tim Burton backed at it again along with Michael Keaton as the Batman himself. The movie still followed a similar theme like the first one: dark and serious, featuring the dangerous Penguin and the femme-fatale Catwoman.

The new Batsuit again looked cool and fit the Batman-style. In fact, it was similar to the suit in previous sequel, yet it got revamped to look more realistic and practical like a proper armor for Batman in the crime-filled city of Gotham.

6. Batman Forever 1995 Batsuit

batsuit 6

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This is the infamous movie that brought in the meme of “Bat-nipples” due to the actual nips design on the Batsuit. Unlike Batman Returns 1992, this Batsuit went for a superhero, comic-style rather than being practical. To be honest, this suit did not look all that bad (except for that “Bat-nips”). But the truly sad thing was: the film was not that great by any means. It could have been easily forgotten if not for the appearance of Robin.

7. Batman & Robin 1997 Batsuit

batsuit 7

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Putting the story and character development aside, the suits in Batman & Robin 1997 was sadly not great at all. Similar to Batman Forever 1995, these suits also followed sci-fi, superhero-ish design which unfortunately did not fit with the Batman theme. On top of that, the flashy silver pieces did not serve any specific purpose aside from trying to look cool. Plus, it totally busted the usual stealthy, espionage theme of Batman. From our viewpoint, the suit looked more like what the X-Men would wear, rather than our Caped Crusader. And even though the suit was called the “Arctic Suit”, turned out it did not do anything against Mr. Freeze. Such a shame…

8. Batman Begins 2005 Batsuit

batsuit 8

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Now this was the start of the famous Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, re-telling the story of Batman once again. It was clear that Christopher did an extensive research for the character, which was reflected right from the Batsuit design. To a certain extent, the suit seemed to borrow a bit from Batman Returns 1992 suit. No more molded muscles, no more comical design, this suit was designed to be more like a practical combat armor. It also went full black color, except for the dark gold utility belt (which still looked good).

9. The Dark Knight 2008 Batsuit

batsuit 9

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Here’s probably the most favorite Batman live-action movie to date, and it totally deserved the praise. Heath Ledger totally nailed the role of Joker – the true Prince of Crime – who only wanted chaos and destruction. Not only that, the film brought up deeper meanings by questioning the existence of Batman and how even the “white knight” like Harvey Dent could still be fallen.

The Batsuit in this movie looked even more tactical than the previous film, which made lots of sense given the fact that Batman had to fight against an insane enemy like The Joker and his terrorists. Overall, it was totally a suit Batman would roll with in this kind of situation.

10. The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Batsuit

batsuit 10

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After the masterpiece – The Dark Knight 2008 – Christopher Nolan and his team went on to make the final film of the trilogy – The Dark Night Rises 2012. It was undoubtedly an extremely difficult work given how successful The Dark Knight was and the fans’ expectations. To a certain degree, the film did a fine job, although it was not rated as high as the previous movie.  There was not much to say regarding the Batsuit in this movie though since Batman still used the good old outfit with just some small tweaks. But you know what they say: if something does not break, do not fix it.

11. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice 2016 Batsuit

batsuit 11

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This was one polarizing movie among the fanbase given its story and characters throughout the film. But putting those things aside, Ben Affleck’s Batsuit did not look all that bad. It seemed dark, gritty, and somewhat rough, plus, it showed a pretty jacked-up version of Batman with the muscular build. The only thing which looked kind of off was the bat symbol, which was too “thicK”. But overall, it worked pretty fine for Ben’s Batman version.

batsuit 12

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Another highlight of the film was undoubtedly the heavy-armor built to counter Superman. This armor totally took inspirations from Frank Miller’s famous Dark Knight Returns in 1986. And just like the comics, this armor did give Superman a good beating.

12. Justice League 2017 Batsuit

batsuit 13

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Justice League 2017 was unfortunately a creative mess due to being directed by two different people. The film fell short and lackluster, and the overall serious theme does not match with the comedic tone throughout the film.

But again putting that aside, the Batsuit version in this film looked really nice and it brought back the tactical style like The Dark Knight 2008’s version. It even somewhat resembled the suit from the famous video-game franchise – Batman Arkham trilogy. The only thing that needed to be fixed about this suit was the goggles, which did not turn out to be as great as the film-maker team wanted to be.

13. The Batman 2021 Batsuit

batsuit 14

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And finally, we have Robert Pattinson as the actor for the role of Batman in (yet again) a new Batman reboot movie planned in 2021. Regarding Robert himself, it seems that there are many polarizing opinions regarding his role as Batman. Many people only knew him through his “famous” (or infamous depending on how you feel) vampire role in Twilight series. Therefore, these people are quite concerning whether he fits as Batman or not. On the other hand, many other people have seen his outstanding performance in less popular films like 2019 The King or 2019 The Lighthouse and agree that Robert has lots of potentials to become a terrific actor. He just needs a chance and The Batman 2021 might be his ticket.

batsuit 15

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Regarding his Batsuit though, honestly we still do not have much information about it aside from the teaser shared by the film director Matt Reeves on his Twitter. If we just base on the teased suit alone, it may actually be as good as what people expected. There is a hint of tactical, raw design (in a good way) similar to Batsuit versions from The Dark Knight 2008 or even Batman Arkham game series. The cowl also seems to look kinda raw. We cannot say if this is a good thing but there is a possibility that they are trying to portray the first tactical Batsuit created in Bruce’s early days as Batman.

batsuit 16

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And on top of all, we cannot help but notice the bat symbol on his chest. Again, the design style looks deliciously raw and pretty cool. But more importantly, it looks like two pieces of a gun, reforged to be like a bat symbol. Many people have already speculated that this design was inspired by Detective Comic #1000, featuring a scene of Bruce melting the same gun used to kill his parents and re-making it as the symbol on his suit. If this is truly what the film-maker team aims for, it is great news since it shows that the team did their research and we can expect a serious, deep story of Batman.

And that’s it folks! Which Batsuit is your most favorite so far? Feel free to share with us and for now, thank you and stay tuned for more news in the future!

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